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  1. BlakeGriffin44

    Make Money And Earn Prizes Online

    Look, I know. But there's a section on the site dedicated to prove it's legitamate. Check it out if you want :D
  2. BlakeGriffin44

    Make Money And Earn Prizes Online

    Hey guys, the following is not spam. For those of you who don't know me, (probably most people by now :(), I used to be an original member here (as indicated by the member#) and a dedicated member to this sal's community before I had to leave for school. There are tons of info on the site on how to make money, but basically, after registering on the site, you can complete offers which in turn give you points or cash. Points can be used as credits that are redeemed as prizes on Amazon (includes even a runescape membership card). 100 points = $1. Just for registering they give you 250 points. Now let me say, these types of sites aren't the best or most efficient way to make money. But if you're looking to make a little extra money, or get that ipod touch, or even those barbie stickers (lol), points2shop is pretty good. If you are still skeptical, there are tons of proofs on the site with pictures of the prizes they received, and the site will even send $1 to your door if you wish. You could be any age to participate, and all you really need is an email address to register. Any questions feel free to ask. :D
  3. BlakeGriffin44

    Dragon Sal Z - Episode 41! - Two and a Half Mods

    when is kobe gonna be in dsz
  4. BlakeGriffin44

    Girl Help/story

    this is the best thing ever
  5. BlakeGriffin44

    I Have Big Balls

    about last week i noticed my balls were really huge i thought i had cancer so i went to the doctor and he just told me my nuts are humongous. apparently im in the 99 percentile.
  6. BlakeGriffin44

    Six Flags

    The one in Jersey... ya know, the state I kinda live in? the one in LA is the best
  7. BlakeGriffin44

    I've Not Been Here For A Few Years.

    i should remember you but i dont
  8. BlakeGriffin44

    Six Flags

    i just went there last week
  9. BlakeGriffin44

    Six Flags

    which one are you going to? the one in california is awesome
  10. BlakeGriffin44

    Dragon Sal Z - Episode 41! - Two and a Half Mods

    im glad i follow dragon sal z on facebook so i get all the up to date news
  11. BlakeGriffin44

    Goodbye Sal

    we will always remember your outstanding talents
  12. BlakeGriffin44

    I Quit >:(

    An art.
  13. BlakeGriffin44

    About The Quiting

    What if Dwar and Xraven aren't who they seem to be? What if they are convicted pedophiles or murderers? You don't know that and letting a stranger into your house is completely and utterly stupid. You're completely underestimating how much we knew these kids. OK then tell me how much you knew those "Kids" We talked to eachother almost everyday for years.
  14. BlakeGriffin44

    About The Quiting

    Well you cant say stuff like that an expect us not to say something No need to take it so personally as if he's related to you Im taking it personally because they are two of the best friends I will ever meet You classify Internet Friends over Real Life friends? Wow.... when did i say that

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