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  1. Ford Prefect

    Why RuneLabs isn't working (part 1)

    just stopped in to say hello!
  2. Ford Prefect

    Erm... Hi

  3. Ford Prefect


    Haha idk. for sure thanks guys and also hello hope you're all well
  4. Ford Prefect


    can I delete all my posts somehow haha there are a few people I'd like to get in touch with so I'd like to not delete this account just yet but I would also like that shtuff to disappear
  5. Ford Prefect

    suspected drug deal?

    I agree with sk8skull, cocaine is one hell of a drug... but no seriously talk to a counselor. and seriously maybe don't hang around kids who smoke crack cocain around you lol/
  6. Ford Prefect

    My parents hate me now.

    it sucks but hey, how important to you is your parents approval if it means being someone youre not? and I'm sure she doesn't hate you, she's probably just shocked.
  7. Ford Prefect

    Death penalty

    Us non killers are to judge who gets killed or not. Oh really? Didn't know we're all held up to that high of a standard to judge whether someone has their life ended or not. Interesting. I think that there should be three people to judge. Number 1. The forensic scientists. After all, it was their hard work, and they can discover how the victim died, and whether the killed was the person who did the final blow. By final blow, that means that heart attacks, seizure, suicide, etc. If those were how the victim died, then the scientists should ultimately say "No, he wasn't the one who did the final blow to the victims life". Number 2. The victims family. After hearing the forensic scientists, if they can forgive the killer, then they would say "No, we understand what happened, and we have finally forgiven Name Number 3. The Jury, Dur. It was they who have helped with rulings for a long time, so they should have a say. The victim's family to decide the killer's fate? That doesn't sound legal at all. If they say no it's out the door right away, if they say yes it gets moved on to consideration? That'd be pretty bogus, it's just putting the killer's fate in their hands, and who are they to decide? Especially after having lost a family member. Obviously murder is wrong, but eventually everybody dies and they might not make the same decision if given months/years to sit on it. And by then that's a violation of the killer's right to a fast trial.
  8. Ford Prefect

    Is she to old

    If you don't break up in the next 2 years that's gonna be illegal son.
  9. Ford Prefect

    need someone to talk to

    Hey d00d. I agree with him mostly. buut I wouldn't recommend going to a forum to make friends. there's always, you know. real people ;)
  10. Ford Prefect


    atheist yooooo. and not giving anything up.
  11. Ford Prefect

    Walking Dead

    <3 shu
  12. Ford Prefect

    So much inward reflection

    it's really not that bad
  13. Ford Prefect

    This Blog Entry is Genius

    ye you're so awesome merch. 91 range is cool though
  14. Ford Prefect

    i need more blog views

  15. Ford Prefect

    Walking Dead

    that show was cool for like 2 episodes until they realized how little they could do to actually change the story line from episode to episode...

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