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  1. blackplastic

    ~the Road To 99 Fletching~

    Ooooooooo we both have 99 Fm =) Good luck with Fletching!
  2. blackplastic

    Ever Seen This Cape?

    My friend 'K 9 Wolf5' has one.
  3. Well, since all life revolves around our sun, it would keep us healthy/alive.
  4. blackplastic

    I Caught My Dad With My Gf!

    GF = George Foreman!!! I actually laughed out loud when I saw that.
  5. blackplastic

    L O S T

    Wow. Wednesday was kinda crazy (as always due to Lost!) I found this incase anyone likes theories about the show (I certainly do!): http://www.4815162342.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3377
  6. blackplastic

    Slayer Help Guide

    That looks pretty good. This guide'll cover just about everything I can think of.
  7. blackplastic

    How New Players Are Made

    Nice animated fake! 10/10!
  8. blackplastic

    How Sexy Is The Above Poster?

    10/10 I'm not really into falcons... but you know... I'd hit that... Haha
  9. blackplastic

    Few Of My Drops I'm Proud Of.

    I've never PK'd, but it looks like I should...
  10. blackplastic

    Favorite Band Of All Time

    I've kinda got a few: Complete Control Krum Bums Lower Class Brats Resilience Clit 45
  11. blackplastic


    I like the idea... unfortunately I don't think it's practical. That would take up an amazing amount of space on the servers, which would slow the game down (which nobody wants).
  12. blackplastic

    | Jerr's Log. |

    99 Firemaking is fairly easy. Good luck though!
  13. When you order a soda at the drive through, throw it back in the window at the people working. (It's even funnier if you order inside and do it. Make sure you can run fast though :-P)
  14. blackplastic

    Mr E's Not-so-epic Faking Gallery/archive

    I guess they're decent. The ones where you editted the home page weren't so great.
  15. blackplastic

    You Thought You Knew The Worst Way To Die...

    I'm scared sitting in my chair >.>

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