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  1. Shadowkid


    This was about an six hour fire cape lol. I used too many brews early that when 90s and 360s spawned at once I had no more food left. I barely tanked there damage and took them out and spent 40 minutes with a 180 sitting there waiting for my hp to regen. I repeated this about four times and spent about three hours just sitting there waiting for hp to regen, BUT HELL IT WAS WORTH IT. IF THAT ONE PRAY POINT WENT OUT BEFORE I GOT TO FINISH HIM I WOULD OF BEEN REALLY SAD. stats at time were 71 range, 62 hp, 46 def, and 44 pray.
  2. Shadowkid

    Jure's Old School

    You have a lot of patience to be training agility lol, and no toy mices involved either
  3. Shadowkid


    whats a diy player lol? thanks no kidding. just did another trip after that:
  4. Shadowkid

    Jure's Old School

    grats on the melee stats, start training range :D any long term goals such as 99 slayer coming anytime soon?:)
  5. Shadowkid


    Thanks :D I have a lot of confidence in my barrows luck l0l probably will bite me soon though Heh I just set a goal and go for it, the thing I like about a fresh economy is the lack of gold flow on the first few days. I set a goal for things I needed, I got to 50 range by fletching my own arrows, gathering own iron bars, etc and it just levels your skills in a balance :) probably also has to do with the immense hours i put into it @[email protected] Anyways, got this a few hours ago plus getting that last range level so I can finally wear black dhide: Dh loves me apparently, that was on trip #8 and 70 range :) Next goals I am setting is to get 60 mage, get some prosylete armor, zammy book and other for more efficient barrowings! also i don't think that i am going to update my first post too much guys, i am honestly too lazy to update my log everyday lol
  6. Shadowkid


    Thanks Jure :D It begins, woke up got 43 prayer, finished ghost ahoy, in search of myreque and began to prepare for barrows. First trip got trash 2nd trip in 07: and other quest pics:
  7. Shadowkid


    SHADOWKID'S AMAZING LOG 2007SCAPE I can't resist not making a log with the return of 2007scape l0l. slowly grinding back up and missed the feeling of updating the community with a log of my random levels h4h4 too lazy to decent formatted log so dropping a few pics and going to work from there MISS U GUYS RECENT LEVELS: I AM READY TO MASS BARROWS GUYS. JUST NEED TO DO A FEW MORE QUESTS, GET 43 PRAY AND WILL SHOW YOU THE RETURN OF A BARROWS MASTER CURRENT STATUS AS OF MARCH 13, 2013: TBH THIS IS JUST HERE TO KILL SPACE LAST EOC/CURRENT RUNESCAPE PICTURE: JUST THROWING THIS OUT THERE FOR THE HELL OF IT -SK :cool: :cool:
  8. teach me how to farm plz
  9. Shadowkid

    Jure's Old School

    Cannot forget this name, add me jure :D
  10. Shadowkid

    4:26 AM and I'm bored as f

    Hello Sals, been a while huehue My name is Shadowkid and I decided to wander these forums on this boring September 5th night. I was scrolling through my previous posts and looking through my warnings and was thinking how fast time goes :) For those who don't know me, I use to be a runescape addict that had the alias of warriorboi99[ign now timsica], I wandered this community the most among any other. In my days, I was nothing more than an attention whore, and did anything to give myself a reputation among the community. It first began as me starting a runescape log, these were really rare at the time (There was no separate section for logs at this time). I was probably around level 80 at that time and had gained fame fast. I eventually impressed the community around 2007 with my impressive Barrows luck. I was revered as a Barrow God for how many drops I got and eventually came to befriend other members of Sal's such as Lakerkobe, Burn619, Bluefire, bodybordguru, Venom, and ofc Alterpickle09 (all the names I can think of at this time). Shortly after my luck with Barrows had gotten to my head I began to start the worse habit in this game, Staking. I would constantly get over 100M+ of Baron drops (A LOT BACK THEN TO ME), and would consistently get it cleaned out within a day. Then it was back to the drawing board, back to doing repetitive runs of Baron. I started doing barrows with my friends that I have met in this community, and it was fun for a while. We had a pretty close friend circle at the time that consisted of me, laker, alter, burn, and some others. We would do things like barrows together, chat everyday and then we decided to start forming a DK team. I was already pretty well known within Sals at this time. I would update my log everyday with the numerous amount of drops I got, and the crazy no life levels that I would achieve in a short span of time. This is when I started craving for attention, in any way possible. This would even mean being an goosedown to the community. If I can't gain a ton of fame through drops and achievements, I want to gain fame through something I always admired, being a complete goosedown and troll to the community. I am pretty sure I have made a big impact on certain people's lives at Sals and was responsible for certain drama that happened a while ago. It all started with Dagannoth Kings. I started to Dagannoth Kings everyday with burn619 and Lakerkobe back then. I eventually picked up other people like bodybordguru and alterpickle and just DK'd everyday with whoever we could. We all were very versatile and skilled in this easy game, and were all cool with each other. It was a fun month, we woke up, loaded our saradomin brews and crystal bows and began to Dagannoth Kings for the next few hours. We were making about 10M+ per day after splitting all the items. The days of 4m zerker rings and 2.5m dragon axes. We eventually began to move into the Kalphite Queen, which was probably considered one of the fastest and most effective ways to earn cash. Dragon 2H came out not too long ago and they were selling about 5M, that really wasn't much, what was the gold mine was the Dragon Chain. Dragon Chain's were worth about 23M back then. Methods we used back then were using full verac and just wrecking the KQ and netting about 1-2 kills per trip. Summoning did not exist back then btw. I would always two man the queen with one of my friends, it was mostly either laker or burn, sometimes we even trio'd. This is when my reputation for being an goosedown came alive. I was already seeking attention and I was private messaging either Burn or Laker at the time, talking about how I can profit 2x more from KQ. During this time, there was no lootshare, no coin share, it was all trust. If one person got a rare drop, they could lie and say it was rune arrows. That was specifically my plan, I didn't care who it was, my friend or some random pick up, If I was able to score a dragon chain, I would of lied and said the drop was just rune arrows. I would be able to keep the dragon chain to myself and would not have to share any of the profits. One of my friends at this time, Burn, overheard this. We began to do a KQ trip and as we finished her second form she fell to the ground and died. For some reason, I clicked on top of her and began to move towards her to see the drop, the camera was being ridiculous at the time and did not allow me to see what she dropped. The drop was..... nothing. Literally, nothing. I told burn that and he thought it was suspicious. He called me out on being a liar and that I was trying to steal a dragon chain from home because I walked towards the drop spot right after the queen had died. For some reason, I went along with it. In my head, this was a perfect way for me to gain attention within the community. Burn removed me and took off all contact with me and I had no way to explain myself that nothing really dropped. Burn followed up with a post the next day in his log stating that he got a dragon chainvest with one of his friends. To top it off however, he put me on blast. He told the whole community of my rune arrow trick and accused me of stealing the dragon chainvest to everybody. Stupidly of me, I posted in anger at the time and completely went along with it by saying something like "Thx for free d chain." The whole community was outraged by the fact that I would betray people's trust like that. This lead off to my reputation of what most of Sal's perceived me for the rest of my time here. All of my friends that I met in Sal's however did stick with me. Half of them actually supported what I did. This i when I befriended Bodybordguru, Grey Venom, and Bluefire the most. Me and body talked a lot and he began to act like an goosedown towards Sal's too. Venom and me began attempting to do wilderness lures and pulled off a few small lures that profited us about 25M. Then there's bluefire, we were still cool at the time but I provoked him to do something. I remember Bluefire was demoted of becoming a Global Mod. At the time his name on the forums was "Bluefire" and he had a burning blue log as his avatar. He was demoted to becoming just a regular mod for reasons that I don't know of. He changed his name to "Greenfire" and changed his avatar to a green log, which was the same color as the position of a normal mod. He was pretty pissed, I remember. He messaged me on RuneScape asking if I saw him getting demoted. I talked to him about it and he was pretty angry and wanted revenge on the community. That's when he told me he was also talking to Meen Masheen, also a moderator back then. He was talking about how he let him borrow his Santa Hat to make Bluefire feel better about being demoted. I told him, keep that shizzle. Forget Meen, just keep that santa hat. He was pretty hesitant at that time, and I convinced him to just forget it and he made the final decision. He told me he removed and blocked Meen Masheen and that the Santa Hat is his now. We were both laughing and the drama began to unfold on the general forums. News of bluefire broke out that he stole Meen's Santa Hat, and Bluefire played along with it. We were both laughing to each other in game about how funny this situation is and how stupid Sal's is. That's when I just stopped caring about the community. Sal's has always been the lower community among tipit and RSC. I always trash talked about how low and miserable the Sal's community is, and how they are a bunch of wannabe mods. I already had a reputation after the incident, I began to post numerous pictures of my Whip Luring, Wilderness luring, and more. New Log's arose in the Goal's and Achievements and every chance I got, I would trash talk someone about how bad they are at this game. I remember stirring a flame war whenever I found the chance too. I eventually got to 6 Out of 7 warnings, and if I hit 7, I would be perma banned from these forums. I still sit at 6 Warnings today. I'm honestly just bored and just wanted to throw out a few points. I acted as an immature middle school kid back then, and the fact was, I just was. I honestly do not think anyone in this community currently will remember me. Maybe someone will :) did not proofread anything so expect my poor freshmen year college grammar. WELL THAT WAS A FUN STOP BY, I GOT NOTHING MORE TO SAY. DON'T WORRY TROLLING THE SALS COMMUNITY IS LONG OVER WITH, IT WAS A PRETTY BIG FAILURE ANYWAYS, ILL SEE U ON LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: TimSica [email protected] right should add a tl;dr - some old rs 2005 kid -made a log, wanted fame -got little fame thru barrows met some sals ppl -wanted more fame so pretended to scam burn619 out of d chain when i didnt steal shizzle l0l -became a ass to the community -bluefire gets demoted, i convince him to steal meen masheen's santa -continue to be trollsica -had more to say but i forgot so the end
  11. Shadowkid

    League Of Legends

    AD sion far from op. l2kite.
  12. Shadowkid

    League Of Legends

    Anyone want to duo queue ranked sometimes : Add TimSica NA servers
  13. Shadowkid

    99 Fish And 2250 Total

    Familiar name and fast post :D Lol yeah I really do :( But I am extremely poor, it isn't even funny lol I'm a pretty old slammer, I did a ton of logging and I was buds with Laker as well. Lol y u so poor Barrows Master? See, it is funny. Yeah I remember you lol. You were one of the logs that were new when I still had a log around these forums. I poor cus free trade came back and I stake lala :D I wasn't that new =P. Stop staking and go do solo rex/Bandos. Sal's cc has a number of people that boss if you want to duo TDS/bandos... Or just camp fds for a couple days lol. Yeah I think I will go FD farming soon, I just need the patience Dx

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