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  1. The_Unsuccessful

    Google redirect virus

    I was recently looking up a topic on gamesfaq's forums and a pop up showed up and my norton popped up saying i was infected with a virus. now whenever i type something into google and go to the link, i get redirected to some other website. how do i get rid of the virus?
  2. The_Unsuccessful

    RS and computer

    Whenever i play RS on a PC laptop (HP), it always uses so much power and releases so much heat that im afraid it'll overheat. i can literaly hear it hissing and making loud sounds. is there anyway to reduce the amount of power my PC uses when playing RS?
  3. The_Unsuccessful

    Pics of my time in the U.S. Marines

    I've always been VERY interested in the military. if u dont mind me asking, how much do you bench/squat? i was wondering bc i'd never be able to lift that equipment let alone carry it. Thanks for this post! :)
  4. The_Unsuccessful


    That's the thing, the squigglies dont show up b/c spell check is apparently removed. sorry, should have made that clearer, but thanks for your time!
  5. The_Unsuccessful


    Hi, i didnt get my computer fixed but i did get my microsoft back. I use microsoft 2007 and i cant use a word or spelling check b/c "no spellcheck exists for the US" when i couldve sworn it did before reinstallment. Can anyone help me? thank you
  6. The_Unsuccessful

    Computer Bout To Die

    could you please tell me how to find out the mod #? i suck @ computers, and my warranty was march 11, 2011, so im not over a yr old. does this help? and thanks!
  7. The_Unsuccessful

    Computer Bout To Die

    hi, i had a prob w/ SMART hard disk, and i was gonna buy a new one to replace it but it turns out that itll be months before i can get one, and my pc keeps on telling me that i dont have a boot disk or operating system so i cant log on to windows, so im screwed there, so what must i do to ultimate fix this? thanks so much. also, does leaving a pc in sleep mode and not turning it off at all to avoid log in problems hurt it?
  8. The_Unsuccessful

    Smart Hard Disk?

    So if i replace it will it solve all this slowness and backing up crap and stuff? And was the cause for the failure like a virus or something? Cuz my norton didnt say a thing. Sorry for all these questions
  9. The_Unsuccessful

    Smart Hard Disk?

    Would i find this at office depot? Where i found my laptop?
  10. The_Unsuccessful

    Smart Hard Disk?

    thanks for the advice, you guys. i guess it really isnt SMART, or at least im not. ......Too soon? Yes, too soon.
  11. The_Unsuccessful

    Smart Hard Disk?

    yes, sir, i have and it only took like a few minutes. and thanks for all your help!
  12. The_Unsuccessful

    Smart Hard Disk?

    Thanks, i've almost got everything except for hard disk. just two things: is that site you provided reliable and legitimate, and do i just install the SMART disk manually? like with my bare hands and cracking open the computer? Thanks for all your time
  13. The_Unsuccessful

    Smart Hard Disk?

    Thanks, i backed up my files on my computer on a rewritable cd, but it only saves FILES, not programs like microsoft or norton, is this normal? also, hard disks cost like 100 bucks right?
  14. The_Unsuccessful

    Smart Hard Disk?

    So do i purchase a hard disk in a store and then install it? Sorry if this is frustrating, i'm a tech retard. But even if i do replace the drive, will it fix the problem? I have an hp laptop
  15. The_Unsuccessful

    Smart Hard Disk?

    Hi, i have a SMART hard disk problem, and ive tried backing everythign up but the problem remains. how must i fix this? thanks

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