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    Runescape, Halo 3, WWE, Billiards, Drawing, Photoshop, Music, Basketball, Football, Running.

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  1. Kush

    Is Runescape down?

    I use a Mac but the problem seems to be related to Firefox. I switched over to Safari and was able to get on. Just noticed that I cant get on Google from Firefox either. Strange...
  2. Kush

    Is Runescape down?

    Anyone have any idea why I cant get on?
  3. Kush

    My First Sig.

    I think the render is too big, making her arm look kinda weird. Try resizing. Other than that, not bad for a first sig.
  4. Kush


    Some older stuff that I never got around to posting...
  5. Kush

    Is Runescape down?

    I can't get on to the main website for some reason. It just says Connecting...
  6. Kush

    Cheese Wheel Rolling

    Same here. Im only getting 10 points from ALL the events. I only have like 1000 points too...
  7. Kush

    Gielinor Games

    Why am I only getting 10 contribution points for everything I do? I did Head to Head and came in first place numerous times yet I only get 10 points. Same thing with Cheese Rolling and Resource Race. 10 points every time.
  8. Kush

    Items kept on death

    how do I change items kept on death? It says I can select up to 3 items, but it wont let me change which ones other than the default ones.
  9. Kush

    Sizzling Summer

    Can I sign up for membership right now and still be eligibe for ALL of the rewards?
  10. Kush

    Album Cover

    Thanks for critique!
  11. Decided to make a few tags for the hell of it
  12. Kush

    Television & Movies Discussion Thread

    Yes, I highly recommend it.
  13. Kush

    Wwe/ Wrestling

    I grew up watching The Rock. Stopped watching after he left though...
  14. Israel is more prone to using nukes than Iran. Just look at what they're doing in Palestine, and that's supported by the Israeli government. The so called Muslim radicals, however, are a select few that are most likely payed off by higher ranking officials in the United States. The actual 'terrorists' are those wearing suits and ties in the United States and Israel that control most activity in the world through the media. NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!

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