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  1. eberk

    Omg What Month Is This Comp?!?

    comp. ended? xp @ 4:30 pm est: 25,551,891
  2. eberk

    Omg What Month Is This Comp?!?

    slay comp this weekend? if so RSN: ebes Slay: 99 cb: 138
  3. eberk

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Ebes Buy 70 full rune sets and drop in f2p
  4. eberk

    World 66 Law Running

    I remember getting 91 rc there :D good times
  5. eberk


    get 99 slayer tbh..
  6. eberk

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    Mat K went through the gate to prifddinas #1
  7. eberk


    Happy New years to ya all :( Thanks for another year on sals peps :P May 2k11 be even better for yall :D Now lets raise our glasses and get wasted :D
  8. eberk


    tab 1: Moneys, everyday used items for dailies (herb run etc), random items I havent sorted tab 2: Runes, mage armours tele orbs, rune essence, pouches tab 3: slayer: pots for slayer, pouches/scrolls, armour, teletabs, armour and weapons for slayer. tab 4: summoning: charms, pouches I dont use often, 2nds for pouches, bird/dragon eggs. tab 5: Herblore: all the pots I dont use for slayer, 2nds for pots, herb seeds, spirit saplings, tab 6: random clothing/quest items tab, keys, greegrees, fliers, bob shirts, quest rings etc.. tab 7: crafting/smithing/fletch: gems, ores, bars, tools, logs, hides, tab 8: items needed for treasure trails, rune armour collection, dragon weps/armour, random drops from slayer (mauls, lava bstaffs, half keys etc..) tab 9: fishing/cooking/effigies: fishing gear, random currencies (tokkuls, tokens etc..), effigy collection.
  9. eberk

    Log Of Emoberk - 2482 - 99+ Skillz

    60m defence :D got my first elite today
  10. eberk

    December Competition -- Total Xp

    3k+ blues 12k+ crims here
  11. eberk

    End Of An Era - Going Out With A Bang

    see you back on in 2 weeks mate.. Been nice talking to you in game, on irc and so on.. :/ ill miss you

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