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  1. I disliked the colonial nature of the British crown, but I also hate living in a country with a Royal Family. I left the UK for a bunch of other countries and ended up in another stupid monarchy. Republicanism is not huge in the UK, but it is still floating about.
  2. Doddsy


    Working in Paris as a physics PhD, I work on trying to measure the gravitational behaviour of antimatter at rest. I also teach an undergraduate course on building proton beam lines, and occasionally get paid to give talks here in Paris. It's a pretty good life.
  3. After the Paris attacks didn't Brussels go into a multi-day lockdown? Are you expecting the same to happen again now (and with Easter coming up I am not sure how much havok that will have with people going about their day-to-day life)
  4. There has been an attack in Brussels, with bombs at Brussels airport and at (possibly) multiple metro stations, the one confirmed at Maelbeek is very close to the EU HQ. The news is, obviously, a bit chaotic at the moment. Flights in and out of Brussels are cancelled, Eurostar to Brussels are being stopped (some on the way are being held for security checks), metro has been closed, city is in general shut down. The authorities are asking everyone to stay inside. The Guardian has a live thread, as does reddit.
  5. Individuals like Jill Stein or whoever the Libertarian Party decide to front could take your vote, and would probably do better for it. Though I do fear the possibility of a Trump presidency, it seems lunacy taken to the extreme. When the 'third parties' receive enough of the vote they qualify for federal funding to assist in the next election.
  6. Hey all. And I didn't know you were still floating around the site Nicole
  7. I haven't been here in a while, and probably won't be here all that often. However, if you are for whatever reason still interested in chatting or catching up with me you can find me on twitter under Audioworm, or on Sk.y.pe under ladoddsy. Hope you're all having a pleasant time :)
  8. Like Jesus and The South, this topic will rise again.
  9. Given that it has gone 3AM, I am pretty tired and I have abysmal eyesight. It could have gone worse.
  10. The Nobel prize announcements have all been for discoveries/research that appears truly crucial and revolutionary. This is well deserved award
  11. This time in two weeks I will be sat in Mumbai airport, 7 hours through my 12 hour stop over, waiting to board my flight to Dubai. My time in India is nearly up, and while I have enjoyed my time here, I am most definitely ready to go home
  12. If I remember correctly, Obama is one of the suggested accounts when you make a new account (I think when you click the Politics or News section, I haven't made an account in a while) so many may sign up, follow him and then leave. When Twitter broke the first major land mile in tweets (a million, a hundred million maybe) the average tweets per user was zero. There are a hell of a lot of empty accounts. Also, if the campaign was about embracing social media a lot of people who don't usually use Twitter or the like may have signed up to show support/follow and since left or not done anything with that account. I follow the election from the outside so I don't get to see a lot of the campaign crap. That said, I don't really care about this news, it doesn't really matter.
  13. Here in India, we only have conga monkeys Yeah, I'm a Meth :P
  14. Yeah, it is always weird. When I got my confirmation of a place in Sixth Form, I was only 15 >_< I was also only 15 when I got my GCSE results, I turned 16 the day afterwards.
  15. It truly is marvelous I'm not sure how one is supposed to act at this age, I have always felt like a middle aged man with a child's attention span. Apparently so, I was relatively young for my year in school :)
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