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  1. Artificial Intelligence

    Wilderness And Free Trade Vote

    From: http://www.runescape.com/rules/rule_multiple_logging.ws Good fight. :(
  2. Artificial Intelligence

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Ah well, the time has come to say goodbye. Due to being in my final year and having a lot of work, I have decided to quit Runescape. I don't know for how long or if I'll ever be back... My membership has expired and I don't feel like renewing it anyway. The game has gotten quite boring (to me) aswell. To all my log readers, Thanks for visiting and posting in my log, I enjoyed reading the replies and the comments. To all my friends (on Sals), Some of you may have recieved a pm from me, which I was originally intending to send to everyone I know, though that was a bit too much work. I decided to do it this way instead (this is my log afteral). I wish you all the best of luck in your life and hope you put having fun over getting 99's. I might log in now and then, but don't count on it. Ciaossu. - Artificial Intelligence (AKA Nya)
  3. Artificial Intelligence

    Planned Outages On Thursday (today)

    I was just going to log into a world when I got the message the login server was offline.
  4. Artificial Intelligence

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Got Reach a couple of days ago, enjoy(ed -More on that later). Pity I don't have XBL, but Firefight and Slayer (with a friend) is pretty fun. Forge World is just AWESOME, I explored a bit in it and there are just so many things you could do in there. Today I was at the mission where you I had almost reached the last part of the mission when suddenly.. My screen became green with red stripes and huge yellow areas. I thought my '360 just overheated and turned it off. Couple of hours later I turn it on... Red Ring Of Death. So I'll probably be unable to finish the Reach campaign anytime soon...
  5. Artificial Intelligence

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Thank you, but Nya IS Cell. I just namechanged. Bought 80 Smithing (spur of the moment thing)
  6. Artificial Intelligence

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Thank you. Thanks. Gotten 63 Dungeoneering, a shadow silk hood and a primal maul. yaay. :/ And finally started maging again:
  7. Artificial Intelligence

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Well, I've upgraded my ring to Berserker Tier 7. Might save the rest for a Tome of Frost and/or a Chaotic rapier. 60 Dungeoneering reached:
  8. Artificial Intelligence

    Glitchy Topic

    He should quit while he is a-head. Wait what?
  9. Artificial Intelligence

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Thank you. Got 55 Dung, yesterday. (and a Sagi. Coif, which I got rid off)
  10. Artificial Intelligence

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    I have, found them while Dung'ing with you. :/ Thanks, but I'm too forgetfull for Farming. Dung'd some with with Wing:
  11. Artificial Intelligence

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Thank you. 50+ All again, thanks to Wing and Tabt for Dunging with me.
  12. Artificial Intelligence

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Thank you. Hell no, I'm not fast at all, Crafting was a rare exception. I was busy with serious stuff. Thank you. :) Even more and I won't have enough room left for anything else. Thanks, I'm not a very good farmer, I always forget to check the plants. (Which reminds me...) 47 Dungeoneering:
  13. Artificial Intelligence

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Aww, it's 2 now. 83 Magic:
  14. Artificial Intelligence

    Starcraft 2

    Would be nice to have a poll in this thread; Which is YOUR playing race?-Terran -Protoss -Zerg -Random -I swap around Anyway, I'm a Zerg player and I've got to say... It's one hell of a clicking fest. I wish Spawn eggs would be an autocast from Queens, seriously. About the players in the upper ranking not feeling like upper rank players is because some people won all their matches because they faced weak opponents and got placed in Gold/Platinum. While on the other hand, some people (including me) faced beta-players. For me it was (2 Silver, 2 gold and 1 diamond player, of which I only won one match). I got placed in Bronze League where I now seem to fly through every battle. I belong in Silver, to be honest.
  15. Artificial Intelligence

    Chris' Log

    Congratulations on 70 Hunter, take a break at 74? Hope you'll manage to get to 99.

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