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  1. Paw

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Congratz, keep it up!
  2. Paw

    So I just got an email

    I think I was there for a handful of trips, though I don't remember getting anything big from corp :( And yes Newtking, I may plan on leaving it there muwhahahaha
  3. Paw

    So I just got an email

    Hahaha yeah I remember both those things! Good to see some familiar people around
  4. And it has officially been 6 years since I signed up. Never really got to know anyone in particular and didn't post all too often as well, but there have been quite a few good times on here. Probably my fondest memory was an inter-steel war we had in ~2007 I believe. Anyone remember that?
  5. Paw

    Generousity in runescape

    I've given away something around 250-400m. I have been given around 700m or so as well, or at least the equivalent of. Gotta love friends
  6. Paw

    Bonus Exp Weekend

    Oh man successful weekend! No screenies but I did manage to get 97-98 agility 97-98 fishing 97-98 mining still 97 hunter However, did manage to get 99 mining and should be 99 agility tomorrow. Leaves me with fishing and hunter. Hopefully get done with that by the weekend and finally call this game quits.
  7. Paw

    Solo Zammy

    Probably would be just as busy since zammy actually drops something now. All of gwd is camped by high level bossers as there is incentive to do so.
  8. Paw

    What goes good with...

    Not much really. It is an ugly, grey coloured cape with a light blue trim. Of course, an ely would look great but that is out of your price range. More so, the agil top and bottom are both grey so that may work. Then again, you don't have 85 agility either. My best suggestion would be to mess around with the default clothing at the varrock store and the boots/shoes over in relleka as you don't necessarily need armour to look great, plus it is all free. Along with that, you could wear those cyan gloves (ice gloves or something?) from that quest, and put on some grey boots. Good luck with what you choose.
  9. Gotta love that feeling of collecting from your kingdom after 1+ months of holding out =D
  10. Yeah I used to go to "nex 2 me" fc for cs mass (also answers BENNO if that is pertaining to nex), however that was just to learn and get the basics of nexing. Would you say the cash per hour at cs masses equals out to small teams (If you have done that)? Also With full pernix, 6 man teams do kinda get boring especially with flasks and uni method :P I did end up doing a 4 man team FFA+split and we had a zbow (which I didn't screenie sadly). Don't get me wrong, 6man, 4man, and even duo teams are quite fun, but I haven't been super lucky at nex even though in the long run it does pay off. I actually had quite a few boots, but I didn't bother keeping track of them haha. They are a legitimate drop but meeeeeh :P
  11. I'm not really sure to be honest. I'm pretty sure I could get all buyable 99's easily. Though, maybe I'll work towards some sort of partyhat upgrade :)
  12. Hello! Since I have a massive amount of screenshots, I really thought it would be better to make a seperate topic. Over the course of a couple months, I have been doing a couple trips a day to various bosses. Most of my focus is bandos, however I do change it up here and there. Somewhat recently I got into Nex, but most of the Nex armour is crashing heavily and I really don't want to invest in pernix as I will end up losing more money than I can make nexing. On top of that, full arma at nex is absolutely horrid so I am probably going to stay away from Nex until prices get a little more rigid. I am probably going to move on over to some skilling now and take a break from bossing, maybe doing the occasional trip if friends want to go. Anyways here is loot from early January to March. I estimate 300M+ loot overall that went to me. Enjoy! All drops are in order by date received. Just a warning that there are a lot of images. Be weary when opening the spoiler lol. Thanks for reading!
  13. Paw

    Bandos Ranged Setup?

    Don't go if your gonna range that's just asking to be crashed
  14. Paw

    Bursting At Lobs

    Yup, and Bursting is 150 crims an hour.

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