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    When I was 17 my mother, bless her heart, fulfilled my summer dream<br />She handed me the keys to the car<br />We motored down to Paris, fuelled with Dexedrine and booze<br />Got bust in Antibes by the cops<br />And fleeced in Naples by the wops<br />But everyone was kind to us, we were the English dudes<br />Our dads had helped them win the war<br />When we all knew what we were fighting for<br />But now an Englishman abroad is just a US stooge<br />The bulldog is a poodle snapping round the scoundrel's last refuge.

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  1. Log in to see it's basically two years to the day since I retired. Back in my day..

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    2. Lonelywolf
    3. Egghebrecht


      damn jamster is back and he didn't break the boards yet

    4. Fake


      "If anything goes wrong blame Jamster."

  2. Jamster

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Well crap :( Bought it 4 days before beta, it's been working fine 'til last night. And now I login and the screen goes black and java has a little cry :P In other news, I suddenly became much more productive and spent less time on the computer :D
  3. Spot the important word And I still think we're far too lenient but oh well, what do you guys think?
  4. Jamster

    Addition To Quest Guides

    the only problem i can see with a poll would be that the answer i give compared to the answer of the next 1000 people would be different So whose opinion is correct? That's exactly why a poll would be useful, to show roughly how many people thought the quest was stupidly hard, or easy. If the guide writer happened to be amazing at maths and the quest was basically a maths exam, he might put it as 'easy', when to some people (me included ) it's ridiculously hard. So a poll would give a broader spectrum than just one person's opinion. [Gosh I sound really, really, really in favour of my idea.. I guess I am :/]
  5. Jamster

    Poll Suggestion: Quests

    Maybe have an individual poll for each quest at the top of the quest guide page on the site?
  6. Jamster


    So, steam doesn't allow you to play games? So, if I buy TF2 on Steam I can't play it? Explain, because I'm confused.. Steam is just a distribution service. You can buy the game through Steam and play it normally. Steam will archive that you bought the game so you can redownload it again if you need to. The game is identical to the version you would buy in stores, just it's all digital. Ohh.. So, once you buy a game, how would you play it? You download it through Steam, imagine iTunes but for games
  7. Jamster

    Looking Back

    The power of reading comprehension I was such an idiot when I was liddle, almost 4 years ago now Now look at me ..I'm still an idiot.
  8. Jamster

    Please Welcome Our Newest...

    I knew it would be you! ..whoever you are..
  9. Jamster

    Favorite Album Covers

    Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd They wanted "something plain". I guess cows are pretty plain
  10. Jamster

    Has Anyone Ever Used...

    Oh god, they really implemented my censor suggestion. :) (That *was* a pyramid scheme, by the way) I had to do something before I retired.. Most things like that have a tendency to steal your details and email and stuff and sell them on/spam you :) So be careful, if you're lucky, cautious and even more lucky, you may get free membership, eventually. Or you could, you know, get a job? :)
  11. Jamster

    The Bethesda Thread!

    Did Bethesda really have anything to do with DOOM II? I know they bought out ID, but wasn't that afterwards? Played my fair share of FO3, it's quite good, and watched Oblivion being played :) Also looked impressive, if rather large, so game-wise, probably can't fault them :) As to their use of the invasive DRM SecuROM on the PC, I's not happy. But what can you do, surely if you use a computer you must be a pirate. :)'
  12. Jamster

    Congratulations To...

    I knew you were holding out on that retirement for some reason, this transition is seamless. D: That and we can't demote ourselves.. :P So had to wait for Sal to do the business ;) I miss all the old buttons :) Bye Edit.. goodbye delete... goodbye ban :)
  13. Jamster

    Congratulations To...

    Who could have seen this coming? :) 'Gratulations :) Looks like the team have a new person to blame when things go wrong
  14. Jamster


    If you click on your name on one of your posts, then do 'Find Member's Topics', it'll bring up a list of topics you've made. Same with 'Find Member's Posts', for Posts. :) New posts in all topics (including yours) will have a little square showing that next to them, which also should help. And, when you're making a post, if you check the box 'Enable email notification of replies? ', then you'll get an email whenever anyone posts anything afterwards. So if you use your email regularly, that's probably useful too
  15. Jamster

    Better Explanation?

    Have a read ^^

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