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    Runescape, sports, other rpgs, html, the fan site im about to make (bren's-rune-haven which is not out yet)

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  1. bren the bli

    Official Wow Thread

    I just started playing (private server) and i am a level 12 orc hunter with a level 10 wolf for a pet. I OWN ALL MUHAHAHAHA!!!
  2. bren the bli

    Clan Wars

    Uh, thanks. Again, this guide is now for my site only. However, i left it up for anyone who wants to read it.
  3. bren the bli

    Bren's F2p Duel Tourney

    The Rules are decided between the 2 fighting.
  4. bren the bli

    Bren's F2p Duel Tourney

    Ok. this is manually set up. Its not the official duel tourny: its a pvp 1 on 1 elimination.
  5. bren the bli

    Bren's F2p Duel Tourney

    Ok, great! Tell me when you update your level.
  6. bren the bli

    Bren's F2p Duel Tourney

    Ok, ill add you to it. Anouncement: Members can join, but they need to find f2p weapons.
  7. I think you should be an alrounder. Thats what i am anyway. It can help with a ton of things. You can use range, mage and melee! But pick for yourself.
  8. bren the bli

    Bren's F2p Duel Tourney

    OK, we don't have dates yet. We need everyone who would like to paricipate to post thier names and levels. This is a fun event. We will arange fights based on combat level. The winners of fights will face eachother, and so on till we get a champion. People Participating: Bren the Bli- Level 72 Vbreaker66- level 83 kingofmines8-64 86--tcmad entrility- 68 preid1220-72 Ming Der-89/90
  9. bren the bli

    Clan Wars

    I'll try to update it. The split sentence is mostly showing clips of fights. Why would you wan't to use a d2h? Because it's spec heavily dameges 14 people around you, and it is the strongest weapon other than dh axe. Seercull is great for taking down mages, and dark bow is great pvp. I'll put archer ring and armadyl when i get the chance. Same with the mage stuff. Thank you for the help. Ill add you to the people who helped part. As with the map: I didn't make the how to get there on. I got it from someone, and its the best i had. Edit: I have decided, because i am making my own fansite, that i am going to use this guide on my site. All that help will be mentioned in the people who helped like this: The Sal's Members...; Anyone who may help on my site. Thanks for the help everyone!
  10. bren the bli

    Zamorak Armor

    Its awsome ! well i cant make fakes whats so ever. and for paint 10/10
  11. bren the bli

    A Few Suggestions

    But what about the huge, 5 clan clan wars? Thats the other reason.
  12. bren the bli

    A Few Suggestions

    You can't adjust or add a mini-game to adjust to one event. Instead just use tournament elimination or even Bounty Hunter. No to the Pest Control boat. The point is for 40+ to gain xp, not everybody. They have clan wars for a paticular event, and bh for pking, why not have a thing for MSSWs liken the old days (exept with out loosing items) without nubs interfeering.
  13. bren the bli

    Clan Wars

    Ya, sorry... I put them on now.
  14. bren the bli

    A Few Suggestions

    Pest Control This is a rather small update: All it will be is a new pest control boat for people under level 40 who want to play pc. MSSW/Massive Clan War Arena The main suggestion of this thread. Heres the idea: A safe, f2p minigame as maintanance to replace MSSWs (Multi Site Steel Wars). Heres how it will work: 1. In the wild, to the west of bounty hunter, lies a lobby. In the lobby, you must put a team resister in, which looks like a huge table in the lobby. You will also choose a team name, or leave it blank to use your team name. Other names of teams will also show. To chalenge a team/teams, check the teams off with the box next to the team name. Every player who is a leader/ general will get a message simmaller to the clan wars message saying "you have been challenged to a war" When you click it, it will show your possible opponents. The ones who accepted will have thier names in green, the ones who declined in red, and others who didnt respond in blue. For exaple, say i was the team "Bren's Rune Haven" and was facing Sal's Realm, Rune Hq, Tip it, and Rune Village. It would apear somthing like this. Ignore what is in the parenthesies: If you ignore for 2 minutes, you atomaticly decline. Once you accept, go into the waiting room. In the waiting room, you can set up alliances by way of a thing simaller to the clan wars view orb. You send an ally request to the team leader. For example, say Sal sent me a ally request. He would get this: Salmoneus has sent you a request to ally with Sal's Realm If you click the message, you will be an ally. After 2 minutes from the first team making the chalenge, all in the waiting room will be teled to a random corner of the arena. It is a lot larger than clan wars. On the minimap, these color dots mean these things: Yellow: Enemy Green: Ally Blue: your team Freinds and team cape dots are changed to thier respective team dots. The battle continues untill one team/ group of allied teams eliminates everyone else. If you die, you are teleed to a cell much like clan wars. Bh Update: In non bh world, i think you should be able to enter any bh cave, but not fight. This will be so you can look around without people attacking you. Also, so you can get the songs. Ok, done, post away
  15. bren the bli

    Clan Wars

    Actually, i did upload those.

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