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  1. Aratreak

    Girl Update 3

    YAY!! Good for you buddy. :)
  2. Aratreak

    Photography, An Eye Opener?

    Stone them parents :o (literally 2 bits)
  3. Aratreak

    Wireless Internet Limited

    Call customer support and ask them for a solution. limited conectivity means that your PC is not able to get an IP from whatever device is handing out the IP. If you have a modem, then it would mean that the modem has started failing and/or just needs to be reset. Try connecting to the modem directy using a network cable. Its weird that your PS3 works for certain games only. If you restart the console between games ( which i think is needed ) you will lose the IP and it will have to be requsted again from the modem. That might be the reason. My best bet is to find out what make and model your modem is and look up how to configure it online. Make sure your username and password is handy and try that. Be sure to have a record of all your old settings incase the new ones don't work.
  4. Haha! Nice win for Trevor. Big crps just don't care for the average person. Its sickening. Acer is similar in their shoddy support. I will try to track down that email and put it up here.
  5. Aratreak

    Im Killing Myself Guys

    A little mores sensitivity from the most of you would earn you a lot more respect and friends :)Nicole.. what about the discussions you promised me? :D
  6. Aratreak

    Bad News And Good News

    <3 Good luck to you and all of yours my dear Paula.
  7. Aratreak

    Retiring July 4th 2007

    >.< You are not stalking me.. are you? i would love that ^_^I became F2P because i didn't see any sense in spending money on a game i didn't have too much time to play. Good luck with everything Simple. If you need to find your way around F2P, let me know :D
  8. Aratreak

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    Please post the pictures of the players in RS. This is a picture thread. ;) Whoa! Many pics of high levels here!! O_o
  9. Aratreak

    Mods Close

    Instead of being able to delete your own previous post, why not edit the previous post and add your comments in there? Double posting is not an acceptable slip of the mouse click finger :o Terrible idea. If users could delete their own posts.. I would be left with no proof to warn you lot with. :P ;)
  10. Aratreak

    The Shizzle Hit The Fan

    *Hugs you tight* "We can only do what we can, and no more" - AnonDo your best, as you always do. Take care and be well.
  11. Aratreak

    The Revolution.... Close Please

    Alright.. bottom line.. if there is any more flaming in this topic, you are ALL getting warned.
  12. Aratreak

    Sal's Forum Mods

    Thanks Cxk This is true. We know :P We are aware that there are times when not many mods are online. If members want additional motivation to do the right thing.. fine. However, if the motivation is the only reason to do the right thing, then I would rather not provide the motivation. The DM's and Mods we have now, had reached their position not because their goal was to be a mod or DM, but because their goal was helping the forum. We have a criteria for picking mods and DMs. If you are not expecting.. prepare to be surprised :( .. in the next few months :P Why? We know there are some who deserve it. Lets wait and see :) You will be surprised at how close attention the forum staff pays to the posts and topics :P
  13. Aratreak

    Bad Graphics

    Guys.. remember, this is a forum. Not a bar. Stop making comments which may offend others or make them feel bad. Bfrposh - in a way this is funny, but i feel that if you put more effort into your fakes, they would come out much better and get a better response.
  14. Aratreak

    70 Agility

    Gratz patcicles :D Whats the next goal? ;-o
  15. Aratreak

    The Shoe Story

    Terrible story. Terrible names. Terrible plot. Please don't make stories like these again, because I find it difficult to call this a story. This is just a run on words. Stoies need a plot, thought out characters, well designed words and decent reasoning.

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