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  1. Thunderclaw


    My cat brings me daily presents of mice. Beat that! :P
  2. Yay! Not do some quests. :mad:
  3. Ugh... You interupted me just when I had a good book. Nah, it's okay. ;) [IMG=http://i31.tinypic.com/oj0cif.gif]
  4. You know that it's going to look really bad because it will be stretched and it'll be really hard to see anything on him?
  5. I'm dying of boredom here, someone request an underbanner and I'll do it for free! ;) Just like I always do.
  6. I don't think you can request to be a certain role but join anyway.
  7. Ick... why does Jagex keep on updating the inventory. It looks bad now. Too tall. Oright, Congratz. :P
  8. Yay! More quests! This is exactly what I did to Desireful. :P
  9. Thunderclaw


    I know, isn't it?
  10. There was a Russian love song playing through the middle of it. :P That is pretty cool though.
  11. Shouldn't voting have been closed by now? It's been a week since the voting topic was started.
  12. The above poster's name matches with his avatar, unlike mine. Maybe I should change my name to Iceclaw or Snowclaw... EDIT: ehh.. still works
  13. Bumping this up with a question. When it says some knows another, that means they know who is playing that role, right? And when it says one of the roles can tell someone how to vote, it pretty much means they overwrite someone else's vote? And can you protect yourself?
  14. for having no images in your signature
  15. Decided to keep his old avatar. BTW, what happened to eRepublik?
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