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  1. Thunderclaw

    June 6th, 2009

    I wanna go on vacation. :mad:
  2. Why not use a public computer?
  3. Darn I have half a year from tomorrow until I'm a three-year. :(
  4. Thunderclaw


    It also has me to offer now!
  5. Burthurope does need a better bank for summoning and construction.
  6. Thunderclaw

    May 27, 2009

    Would this friend happen to be Helk/Freewill/Faithless? And school is out already? What region do you live in?
  7. I wanna see Angels and Demons but it's not out in my movie theater yet. :(
  8. Thunderclaw

    Keep Going?

    I like stories. :)
  9. Awesome guides everyone! We really needed that Dragon Equipment re-write. First post!
  10. Is this an official treasure hunt thing? If so, what do I get if I win?
  11. You tried to code a dungeon map but weren't able to and now you're waiting to see how the RS one is going to be done to figure it out. Do I win?
  12. Thunderclaw

    Name Change

    Hm...maybe I should change my name to something new.
  13. I completely forgot about joining until right now. :P
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