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  1. Rizzo

    So It's 2007....

    I'm just happy to see another blog post from Merch Gwyar!
  2. Rizzo

    Old School Slammers.

    Yeah, old school is probably 2005 or so. I joined late Dec 2006, so I doubt I count. Also, hai.
  3. Rizzo

    Should Valentine's Day be Banned?

    May I also say that Valentine's Day is also known as the Feast of St. Valentine? It is celebrated with a commenoration of Mass by Catholics. Not exactly a religious day as Christmas and Easter, but rather a day of importance to a religion. Additionally, I think of my friend's birthday on Febuary 14th. We all have different views on its importance to us.
  4. Rizzo

    Just got access back to Sal's

  5. Rizzo

    Dawn's Rising

    Riz was startled by the fall of the old innkeeper. Well, that's not good. He look at the girl, who was shaking the money, and then walked calmly up the road, past the body. He had no clue where the arrow had come from, but experience told him the assassin had taken cover since shooting. Taken careful steps, he move to and from small elevations in the ground in case he heard the whistle of an arrow coming after him. After moving for a little bit, he was able to find a good rock to hide behind, and drew the bow he carried on his back and fastened an arrow, ready for an attack.
  6. I believe that's the very argument being made for the ESRB. It's a way of making sure those "of age" are playing the correct games. It substitutes for bad parenting, in my opinion.
  7. Rizzo

    Dawn's Rising

    Riz stopped for a second. The Old Man seemed as if he wanted to go back to the town center. "Well, what should we do then? Head back a-" RIz said as a man rushed pass him. Shaking his head, he regained his train of thought. Just as he was about to speak again a sudden clang of metal upon metal resounded through the village. Riz looked around. Before he knew it, he saw blue and blue soldiers fighting in the streets. "Well," Riz said rather blandly. "I don't think do anything except for fleeing at this point in time would do anything useful." Riz then started sprinting to where the others were walking upon a trail; it was a good ways away from the terror that was about to rain down upon him from the soliders. I've ought soldiers before, but not this many! Riz thought as he was running. Maybe the others will be able to help me as well as Old Man,for whatever he needs.
  8. Rizzo

    Dawn's Rising

    "No, I guess not." Riz said as he turned around as he responded to the Old Man. "Oh, I'm sorry, I never introduced myself. It must be strange for me to know who you are. I'm Riz. I remember you from when you used to work on that farm. As far as I know, you are only a few years older than I? Is that right?" Riz stretched out and shook the Old Man's hand. "I left when I was younger to travel. Coming back now feels different. But it's helpful to at least recognize someone." He smiled and then kept walking.
  9. Rizzo

    Dawn's Rising

    Just as Riz started moving towards the villagers, they starting moving off, one by one. Great, he thought, now I have to catch up to them, again, just to figure out what's going on. As he was moving, he turned around and saw Old Man following him. He smiled. At least someone he knew and remembered from days of old was going to be with him. He slowed up, allowing the man to catch up, but kept walking himself. Constantly looking around for threats from any soldier, he managed to get to the spot where the group had originally met up. He turned around shouted, for the Old Man was still closer to the window from earlier, "Well Old Man, should we continue this journey and see where it takes us, or what?"
  10. Rizzo

    Dawn's Rising

    OoC: Luna, no problem. But our meeting will be short. IC: Riz looked behind him as he heard the window slam shut. Obviously someone was either hiding with him or coming after him. He slowly and quietly unsheathed the small dagger he carried on his belt. Crouching, turning away from his view on the fire and other goings-on, he moved to the noise. Halting, he saw an older man looking about the place. "Who goes!?" Riz shouted. The older man stopped and turned. Once Riz saw his face he put his dagger back down and sighed. "How are you Old Man?" Riz asked once he saw his familiar face. "It's good to have you here." Turning back around, he went back to where he was viewing the scene of the town. The small party that had formed was now stopped by bluish soldiers. The soldiers' movements and intentions seemed hostile, but as they departed from the group, they had done no harm. Too far away to hear anything, Riz decided to move forward into the group. Crawling out of the window, he turned back to Old Man, "If you wish to join me, feel free. But I will now depart and help. Perhaps you would like to come with me." Pushing off of the ledge, he jumped out of the window, landing hard onto the dusty ground. Looking around, he started walking to the party, keeping a lookout for the blue-clad soldiers seen earlier.
  11. Rizzo

    Dawn's Rising

    Riz watched the fire from the confines of a small building. Men and women were running around wildly only fleeing from the wreckage. He know, despite the fire's size, that it wouldn't do much more harm than it had already done. Besides, he was safe where he was. All that matters is staying alive, he thought.
  12. Rizzo

    Dawn's Rising

    Name: Riz Gender: Male Age: 29 Hair color: silver/greyed Eye color: black General appearance: Riz wears long, battered trousers along with a black hood. He has deep scars across his back and chest which he covers up with a simple shirt. Other: Riz is a seasoned travler. After grudgingly leaving from home when he was younger, he has learned how to live. He is simple minded as well, and likes to keep to himself for the most part. I'll make a post hopefully sometime tonight. Gotta catch up on the storyline thus far.
  13. Rizzo

    Dawn's Rising

    OoC: Do you guys still have room for another character? I'd like to join in if I could.
  14. Rizzo

    The Story Rp - Stalker

    JOINING AS: DECTECTIVE John walked into his office and walked around to his desk. It was empty, simply, and elegant. The maple wood surface of the glass reflected a hint of the sun coming through the window. He sat down and sighed. It had been a long day already. Even though nothing ever seemed to happen, the police force was as lazy as ever. They still gripped about their jobs despite not ever doing anything. John wished he had something to do other than train the occasional new recruit. When he had entered the force, he worked hard to get where he was now. At 37 years old, he had spent just over 12 years of his life doing detective and police work. Now being an officer in the big city was his dream come true. Leaning back in his chair, he started out of the window and towards the city sprawled below him. It was majestic, but in an odd sort of way. He couldn't quite put his finger on it yet, but perhaps he would be able to find out soon.
  15. Rizzo

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Point taken. But it'd be nice to clear things/topics up, and stick with certain RPs. Perhaps have posters vote on the RP and vote on person to make the storyline. The you play it.

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