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  1. mgallegos

    Close - Use Neo's Guide

    there is a limit to use the 100k exp...u need at least 65 in that stat
  2. mgallegos

    Bin Ladens Back!

    lets get some things str8. bush or cheney probs made it. they blamed starting war in iraq because of binladen (completely unrelated) bussh is completely unpopular because of the war. hes scaring ppl into liking him
  3. mgallegos

    Nerds Or Geeks?

    if i piss sum1 off, they might call me names. as does ne1 in the teenage world. so wen they call me a geek, they dont mean it literally, they just mean it for a laugh
  4. mgallegos

    The Smithing Calculator

    i was just using the smithing calculator to work out how many steel bars i needed to smith to reach my goal. however, as i ran out of steel bars, i was still about 20k exp off. so i checked, and i realised that it says u get 37.5exp per steel bar u smith. i looked how much exp i got wen i smithed it, and saw i only get 25.5 exp per steel bar that you smith wen making cballs. therefore, there should be an extra bit on the skill calulator which shows how much exp is gained per cball.
  5. mgallegos

    Addition To "colours And Effects"

    oh right soz- i never saw that guide, no matter how much i looked. please lock this thread
  6. Before i begin, i would like to say that I am not too sure what this section should go in, but i think it is too little to be a guide of its own, and therefore i think it should go with other text descriptions. The point of this section is for thos on runescape who have trouble understanding what "rofl", "newb", and "soz" means. I also need somebody to get a table screenshot for me. many thanks text language The text Language on Runescape may be extremely confusing. Read the table below to find out all the words you have always wondered what they meant: ROFL- Rolling on the Floor Laughing LOL- laugh out loud LMAO- laughing my cabbage off soz- sorry KK- okay WUU2?- what you up to? newb- newbie (new to runescape) noob- im an idiot for saying this word W8- wait M8- mate TBM- taking the bloody mick CBA- can't be assed Kl- cool Kwl- cool OMG- oh my God Cya- see you (bye)
  7. mgallegos

    Types Of Skills

    instead of 'buyable', say something like ' 'expensive' ', and instead of 'unbuyable', say 'priceless' actually, i think this is a very needed section for the beginners guides section
  8. mgallegos

    Multiple Skill Training Help

    nah, it looks like that wen i printscreen it. Anyway, i dont suppose anyone could get my an image for the table? oh yeah, ill do all the "special thanks" when i finish this guide
  9. mgallegos

    Multiple Skill Training Help

    thx a bunch- first additional contribution (exept type errors) ive had in a long time. i dont have time to add it now, but i will soon
  10. mgallegos

    Religion On The Forums

    Actually, i let them carry on. I feel so sorry for those who have spent valuable lifetime talking about some geezer they dont even have proof exists, and dont listen to the real science facts, and make a decision on their own. basically, i like the comedy laugh i get out of all those passiver believers out there (I believe in god, but in a very different way, where i have made my own decisions and therefore my own religion. i am therefore a mature, active viewer)
  11. on pearl, i completed the e4 and evrything, but i have some trouble connecting to wifi. maybe because i live in england or something, but whenever i type in the code the website tells me to, i cant connect. i got belkin connection, so could ppl pls post all the wep keys possible for belkin?
  12. mgallegos

    Multiple Skill Training Help

    yeah, im still waiting for more contributions to more techniques.
  13. mgallegos

    Multiple Skill Training Help

    thank you
  14. mgallegos

    Multiple Skill Training Help


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