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    Close - Use Neo's Guide

    there is a limit to use the 100k exp...u need at least 65 in that stat
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    Bin Ladens Back!

    lets get some things str8. bush or cheney probs made it. they blamed starting war in iraq because of binladen (completely unrelated) bussh is completely unpopular because of the war. hes scaring ppl into liking him
  3. mgallegos

    Nerds Or Geeks?

    if i piss sum1 off, they might call me names. as does ne1 in the teenage world. so wen they call me a geek, they dont mean it literally, they just mean it for a laugh
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    The Smithing Calculator

    i was just using the smithing calculator to work out how many steel bars i needed to smith to reach my goal. however, as i ran out of steel bars, i was still about 20k exp off. so i checked, and i realised that it says u get 37.5exp per steel bar u smith. i looked how much exp i got wen i smithed it, and saw i only get 25.5 exp per steel bar that you smith wen making cballs. therefore, there should be an extra bit on the skill calulator which shows how much exp is gained per cball.
  5. Multiple Skill Training Help Created by Mgallegos Special Thanks to: njl72413, Pez, Osirislives When training a skill, there are many recommended guides for doing so. To view these, take a look at the Agility, Construction, Cooking, Crafting, Firemaking, Fishing, Fletching, Herblore, Hunter, Magic, Mining, Prayer, Ranging, Runecrafting, Smithing, Thieving and Woodcutting help guides, all filled with awesome, thorough information. However, training several skills at once together and efficiently is a different story. Of course, there are the obvious primary- secondary skills uses of training, as mentioned below, but there are even more ways, including crafting and magic, fletching and smithing, and all sorts more! The Primary- Secondary way Mining and Smithing Perhaps the most obvious comes mining and smithing. All you simply need to do is mine the ores you will need to smith, instead of buying the ores yourself. Naturally, you ought to begin with bronze bars, and work your way up. The biggest tip is to keep your Smithing level equal to or above your mining level. This way, you can always smith whatever you mine. Up until level 15 Smithing, simply mine and smith whatever you can. Keep in mind to mine the exact same copper ores as tin ores, so do not mine more than you smith. From level 15 comes iron ores, a dodgy bar to make when depending on exactly what smithing level you wish to have, perhaps because of several complaints that it appears to be less than 50% success for iron bars. However, if you can afford a few, which you should do if you sold all your bronze merchandise to the general store, buy a couple rings of forging. heck, some people may be generous to even give you one. Either way, these will guaruntee 100% success when smelting iron. All you have to do left is smith the iron into armour, keep a set if you have a lower level combat, and sell the rest to the general store for a small amount of money. If you have 25 defence or higher, you should attempt the Knights Sword, for that bonus 12,725 smithing experience. Not bad, eh? Another good, novice way to raise both mining and smithing at the same time is to mine in Varrock and smith in Lumbridge. First off, start of mining in the Varrock east mine, which is circled in red. When here, mine an even amount of copper and tin. After mining, run or walk to the Lumbridge furnace, which is circled in blue. Here you will smelt bronze bars. When done smelting, run or walk, once again, to Varrock's eastern anvil, which is circled in green. Make weapons or amour more here from the bars. Just south of the anvil is the general store, which is circled in yellow, where you can sell the armour and weapons you just made. Next, you can store your well earned cash in the bank, which is circled in pink. After this, head towards the Varrock east mine to repeat the process again to gain more experience in the mining and smithing skills and to put a little more cash in your pocket. http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/3116/mapforminingnt0.png Eventually, you will receive 30 mining and 30+ smithing. The nice thing about this is that you can finally bin those rings of forgings, and start on steel! Of course, mine your steel, and smith it. However, at 35 smithing, and if you have completed the Dwarf Cannon, you have a wondourous new option, which several people use to make their millions: cannonballs. All you do is mine your coal (make sure you do a 2:1 ratio of coal:iron), smelt it, then smith your cannonballs. Go to world two, and sell them around 200gp each. One steel bar makes 4 canonballs, which makes it 800gp profit per steel bar! At level 50, you have the option to do mithril. You have a choice to do this, or full steels and cannonballs, but either way goes about just as fast, only mithril is a little bit less profitable through the rate of mining and smithing through time, as mithril requires four coals instead of two. Therefore, just take anything you wish, but switch every now and then to prevent boredom. At level 60, you have access to the mining guild, a heaven for mining coal. This is located close to Faldor east bank, which also helps. use this to continue to mine coal for your steel or mithril bars. Continue mining what is to your best fit, and soon you will reach adamantite, requiring even more coal, but is the begininng of your profitable career (if you do not like cannon balls). Not many people would like to mine this, due to the excessively high amount of coal required, but it is a nice option to vary towards. Once you reach 85, you can finally mine rune, which regardless the fact that people dislike waiting half an hour for its rock to become a rune again, or the 8 coal required, people will enjoy the profit they make from it. After a long, LONG time, you will finally reach 99 mining and smithing, something to be really proud of. Fishing and Cooking This section is simple- just follow the fishing and cooking help guide! Because cooking usually resorts to fish, all you should do is fish the highest level fish possible, and cook these fish. If possible, use your cooking gauntlets, which can be obtained by completion of Family Crest. Remember to keep your cooking higher than your fishing level, so that you can always cook the food you fish. Woodcutting, fletching, crafting, runecrafting, magic, and mining Like anything else, keep your fletching level higher than your woodcutting level. The only problem is if you began this guide at level 15+ woodcutting, due to just becoming a member. This is simple- just make a it of money, and then buy your logs. Cut these into bows (u), then pick flax and make bowstring (level 10 crafting required) for a fair bit of crafting experience. In fact, these dont sell too bad, so when making your money to buy your first few logs, you could just make bowstring and sell these for 150-180gp each. Use these bowstrings on your bows (u), to retrieve the second half of your fletching experience. All you have to do is continue through each of the trees that you can cut and fletch, until you can do the magic longbows. However, remember that it is not advisable to start on maple trees as soon as you get the level. Wait till around 55 woodcutting, so that cutting them isn't too slow. Also, do not start cutting yew trees until around 65-70 woodcutting, and don't even bothor to cut magic trees without a dragon axe and 80+ woodcutting. Remember that high alching yew longbows can be pretty profitable, with 768gp per bow. You can either make the nature runes, or buy them 300gp each. this means you make 768k profit if you make the nature runes, or 468k profit if you buy the nature runes. 400k can buy 13,333 willow logs, and if fletched into longbows but not strung, is about enough to get from level 60-70 fletching. Mining the pure essence to make the nature runes is an addition, but it is not needed, and not classified as "a great way to train mining", for it only gets 5 experience per essence Runecrafting and magic One of the most simplest forms of this! once you have completed Rune Mysteries, you may craft your own runes. Mining your rune/ pure essence will give you 5 experience per essence, which isn't much, but helps. Anyway, use magic only using the runes that you craft, and craft only the runes of the spells you wish to use. Attempt to receive 44 runecrafting by the time yo can use high level alchemy, so that you can make the most of your profits. Alchemy When you can use high level alchemy, and hopefully make your own nature runes, this will help alot for a couple reasons: it will give magic experience with all your other skills, and make your profits too! (about 11k per rune medium helm, not useful for cooking, but awesome for magic and yew bows) Different methods of Multiple Skill Training This section of the guide has no specific levels of when to train, but only the level areas- by this I mean "around levels 30-50". this is simply because training a variety of skills level up at different rates. Thieving and Farming The first thing to note is that you must have 27+ thieving to do this, and it is advised that you have some experience at farming, so that you can use most of the seeds you steal. Additionally, you should take a look at the chain farming guide, to plant all your seeds at the same time. If you have the right magic level, you ought to teleport around runescape, advisably getting the law runes using fast free laws Once you have these requirements sorted, let's begin. 27-45 thieving Go to Draynor Village, and simply steal from the seed stall. That is all there is to it. Steal, steal, steal. However, after the first few seeds that you can plant, start chain farming. Begin by walking to the shown patches... ... and then teleport around runescape to the rest of the patches in runescape. It is advised that you ask a nearby farmer to look after your crops, or else use supercompost, so you don't have to keep coming back to check on your crops. Once you have done this, return to Draynor, and steal loads more seeds. After the time shown on the farming guide is up, go back to the patches and harvest them, just as you plant new seeds in. 45+ thieving This is the exact same process, except you can now pickpocket master farmers. True, you can pickpocket them since level 38 thieving, but unless you want to die from the high amount of unsucessful picks, then start out at least level 45 thieving. After this, just do exactly he same process as before, except you now have a wider and better range of seeds to use. Farming and Fishing This method is pretty much the same as farming and thieving, except that you do not get extra seeds in the process of doing so. In other words, before training these skills, you must already have your stock of seeds. Simply start at Catherby, use supercompost or else ask a nearby farmer to look after your crops, then go on to fishing. After a while, check on the crops in Catherby, and harvest them if they are ready. Do this using chain-farming for best results. Combat, Slayer, Herblore and stuff As you may know, slayer monsters are awesome for dropping herbs. It may be easier to get lower level herbs from chaos druids rather than cave bugs, but as you increase your slayer level, better herbs like snapdragon and dwarf weed are dropped. Additionally, many other money related items are dropped: blood runes from bloodvelds, granite mauls from gargoyles, dragon chain bodies from Dust Devils, and of course the famous abyssal whips from abyssal demons! Either you could sell these, or you could keep these for training in different skills. LIST WANTED FOR SLAYER MONSTERS, AND THEIR GREAT DROPS Mining, Smithing, Crafting, Runecrafting, and Magic For this part, you should go to Tzhaar caves, and mine some silver and gold ores. Simply smith these into gold bars, advisable wearing Goldsmith Gauntlets (obtained from Family Crest) to gain more smithing experience than normal. Silver Craft the silver bars into tiaras, which can either be used to gain more runecrafting experience with the excessively high amount of body talismans dropped by dead guards, or else sold to the general store for a bit of extra cash. Gold Simply buy all the gems you can buy from the nearby gem shop, and craft away into a variety of jewlerry! High- alching necklaces give a small bit of profit, so that works well. Enchanting the jewlerry will just increase the prices on your jewlerry, so just the rings of duelings alone can be sold up to 5k each! Crafting, Magic, and Runecrafting (and a lotta money!) This is a favourite method of many people, simply because it is hard to decide which gives more: the amazing experience reward, or the cash reward. With a 1k-2.3k cash reward per approximately 100-150 magic and crafting experience each, it really is the ideal way to make your first 3M. Before you learn of this method, please view the battle staves guide, to gain a full, accurate understanding of how to make them. The only problem is that you will have to have your crafting and magic experience approximately the same. Take a look at the table below to find out what crafting level is advised for what magic level. (NOTE: PLEASE COULD SOMEBODY EXPLAIN TO ME HOW TO MAKE A TABLE, IF IT IS POSSIBLE) When you go about obtaining the orbs and runes you have two methods: 1. Buying them (faster, but less profitable) Simply go onto the forums, buy the orbs 500-800gp each, then buy 3 times as many cosmics than orbs at 160-180gp each. This reduces your profits from 2.3k each to 960-1320gp each. If you have managed to reduce your profits to 1.2k+ each, then you have the oppurtunity to buy your nature runes from the magic guild (about 5-10 at a time, each time you world hop, for they are usually just about sold out). If you are under 1.2k profit each, then you will have to make your own nature runes, unless you do not care about money. 2. Making them yourself (slower, but more profitable) If you know how to make orbs, then skip this section. If not, then read on! Firstly, have a look at the glass-making section in the crafting guide. Of course, you could go by this, but if you have completed the Hand In The Sand quest, you may wish to enjoy the advantage of free sand. Once you have made all your orbs, all you have to do now is runecraft. As both cosmic and nature runes are excessively far away from a bank, it is advised that you go by using abyssal space. However, some of you may prefer the safe route, free from PKers, so you may just walk to the alter and back. All you have to do now is make the battlestaves. If you have 63+ magic (wizard mind bomb works), you may enter the magic guild, and buy your battlestaves from there. About 60-80 magic experience will have already been gained by charging the orbs, but now a further 65 experience will be gained when alching the orbs. Furthermore, 100- 137.5 crafting experience is gained for each orb attatched to the battlestaff. Not bad, eh? Combat, prayer and Crafting This one is pretty obvious: just kill the monsters that drop your leather. This is not a great way of training, but all the same, one of the only ways to train combat while also training crafting. The two types of creatures that drop your craftable leather are cows and dragons. While there is only one type of cow (cow), there are four different types of dragons (green, blue, red, black), discluding the baby dragons, because they do not drop dragon hides. It does not matter whether you do vambraces, chaps, or bodies when using dragon hides, because when chaps give twice as much experience as vambraces, they also use up twice as many hides, and bodies use three times as many hides, but give three times as much experience. So in simple language, you will get just as much crafting experience whatever you use. Below is a table of what combat level it is advised to use to kill the different types of creatures, and what crafting level is needed: Additionally, the bones are good for prayer aswell. at lower levels, the cow bones give a reasonable amount of prayer experience, but when killing dragons, and using them on an alter in a house, your prayer will fly sky-high! Firemaking, Crafting, Combat, prayer, and Woodcutting This is also a favourite by several people, because of, like the Battlestaves method, it gives a fair bit of experience and cash. The basic outline of it is to kill shades, buy oil, build a temple, burn the shades, collect the rewards, and repeat. For a full guide on this, check the Splitbark Armour guide. Simply alchemy all your rewards (except fine cloth), and do the clue scrolls. As you may have guessed, the higher the shade's level, the higher level clue scrolls it drops. Once you have done this process several times, you will end up with a respectable amount of experience ranged throughout a variety of skills, and either a disgraceful, an okay, or an awesome cash reward. Good Luck!
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    Addition To "colours And Effects"

    oh right soz- i never saw that guide, no matter how much i looked. please lock this thread
  7. Before i begin, i would like to say that I am not too sure what this section should go in, but i think it is too little to be a guide of its own, and therefore i think it should go with other text descriptions. The point of this section is for thos on runescape who have trouble understanding what "rofl", "newb", and "soz" means. I also need somebody to get a table screenshot for me. many thanks text language The text Language on Runescape may be extremely confusing. Read the table below to find out all the words you have always wondered what they meant: ROFL- Rolling on the Floor Laughing LOL- laugh out loud LMAO- laughing my cabbage off soz- sorry KK- okay WUU2?- what you up to? newb- newbie (new to runescape) noob- im an idiot for saying this word W8- wait M8- mate TBM- taking the bloody mick CBA- can't be assed Kl- cool Kwl- cool OMG- oh my God Cya- see you (bye)
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    Types Of Skills

    instead of 'buyable', say something like ' 'expensive' ', and instead of 'unbuyable', say 'priceless' actually, i think this is a very needed section for the beginners guides section
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    Multiple Skill Training Help

    nah, it looks like that wen i printscreen it. Anyway, i dont suppose anyone could get my an image for the table? oh yeah, ill do all the "special thanks" when i finish this guide
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    Multiple Skill Training Help

    thx a bunch- first additional contribution (exept type errors) ive had in a long time. i dont have time to add it now, but i will soon
  11. on pearl, i completed the e4 and evrything, but i have some trouble connecting to wifi. maybe because i live in england or something, but whenever i type in the code the website tells me to, i cant connect. i got belkin connection, so could ppl pls post all the wep keys possible for belkin?
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    Religion On The Forums

    Actually, i let them carry on. I feel so sorry for those who have spent valuable lifetime talking about some geezer they dont even have proof exists, and dont listen to the real science facts, and make a decision on their own. basically, i like the comedy laugh i get out of all those passiver believers out there (I believe in god, but in a very different way, where i have made my own decisions and therefore my own religion. i am therefore a mature, active viewer)
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    Multiple Skill Training Help

    yeah, im still waiting for more contributions to more techniques.
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    Multiple Skill Training Help

    thank you
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    Multiple Skill Training Help

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    24 Carat Update

    awesome- i been lookin 4ward to this since 2nd april (not 1st april, stupid cabbages!). i love the abbyss and d stone teleports i reckon just a little bit less than the amulets- d stone bracelet i think 50k
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    geez- wen will people realise? ww2 was just part 2 of ww1- hitlor just wanted germany to be powerful again. now that that is all over, there is no need for a world war anymore
  18. looks good, harry potter (or r u dudley?), but u may have to go into a bit more detail. Try transfiguring the length of it, and putting charms onto it to get some really good pictures. Good luck with that voldermort thing.
  19. i like it so far, but just as a metter of thought, how exactly did u complete shadow of the storm with just 14 cb? isnt that the quest where u have to fight the really high lvl demon?
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    Creature Creation

    ok- this gguide is looking better anyway. good luck
  21. its graphics are bad, but this is just the basic idea of what i want my table to look like. could somebody please make me a better graphics one, with more colour, so that i can put it up on my "multiple skill training guide" currently on website subbmissions forum. thank you
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    Creature Creation

    isnt there one of these guides neway?
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    Fire Giant Hunting

    i have the map facing south because thats the way they would be running and thats how they will see the house when they get to it and for the second picture facing south that is the way it just came up so i kept it that way yes, but they should still be facing north anyway- people are generally alot more used to maps facing north, so t will be a lot easier to look at for them

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