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  1. Teh Crappy

    Beta Pixel

    Great shading Don't like the thick outlines thought.
  2. Teh Crappy

    Female Archer With Dead Dragon.

    Weew someone posted I'll try finish.
  3. Constructive Criticism please. ~Teh Crappy
  4. Teh Crappy

    Skateboarder Comp.

    Does Bam Margera count? If so I'm in.
  5. Teh Crappy

    Beccy =d

    Yea, did use reference ;P Update soon I hope
  6. Teh Crappy

    Beccy =d

    Rob (Assain_Pker on RSC) helped me with colours and shading And it helps that beccy is hawt =D
  7. Teh Crappy

    My First Pixel

    All very good just need to concentrate more on the shoulders and hands
  8. Teh Crappy

    A Little Complaint.

    Have my full support.
  9. My computer recently stuffed itself (I porbley did it but i don't know how.) And I was wondering how to fix it. Here's what i do: I turn on the computer (as you need to do) it load the XP thing and stuff then it says start safty mode or normal mode what ever i do it just resets it self and goes back to that and so forth. Please help ~Oxy
  10. Teh Crappy

    Oxy's Shop

    Heck yes crensenne your stuff is quite nice.
  11. Teh Crappy

    Oxy's Shop

    Umm, no not really i have a fair few half done stuff but nothing really. Will fix the grammar
  12. Teh Crappy

    Oxy's Shop

    ◄◄ONLY TAKING ONE REQUEST AT A TIME►► When I have finish the ONE request then I will take another, Do not ask if someone has already requested. 1.London - Sketching. Custom made cartoon sigs, Just supply me with this info. Hair: Hat: Neck: Cape: Body: Gloves: Legs: Boots: Right hand: Left hand: (Put In None if there is none) Background: Text(Optional): Sub-Text(Optional):
  13. Teh Crappy

    Do You Have A Deviant Art Account?

  14. Teh Crappy

    Bimonthly Pixel Art Competition #1

    Hope so I'm no good with tall pixels.

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