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    Parkour, Reading, RuneScape, some Graphic Art (RuneScape fakes are kinda awesome ^_^) Friends and General Insanity

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  1. macburl

    Traveler's Backpack

    Yeah, holding specific tool items would be great! Like the Toolkit in Dungeoneering, you know? only, you'd be able to customize it more, and be able to add tools depending on what you're going to be doing.
  2. Okay! Let me test if you're legit: I'll give you 50k to double, and if you double that I'll give you 500k! *Gets a free 50k from you* *Runs away* Lol, i gotta try that sometime :D
  3. macburl

    Member's Objects

    If they're just sitting in your bank, i'm sure they won't be dropped. however, keep them in your inventory and i'm pretty sure they will be dropped and disappear for good...
  4. I've had the same problem! Basically, you've got to make your own fun, and switch it up. grinding one skill isn't fun, and it's what ultimately caused me to quit for 6 months or so. (a solid week of agility training will do that to yah...) If you like PvP, do some of that, and then go train something, then maybe go fishing on the Karumja docks, and get into some good conversations. MMOs are best played with other people, so talk while you train. as for getting started again... Maybe go 3 iteming deep in the wilderness, or wander around runescape not training anything but just enjoying the game. I don't know about you, but there were a few things that i used to do way back when i first played, and they're usually fun to return to for a while. Like exploring the wild, and fishing for lobsters at Karumja. Things like that :D Take a walk around the towns, see what's changed. I know lumbridge surprised me greatly...
  5. macburl

    Scam Via Email

    Hey, slightly off topic, about security and Tinyurls, there's a setting you can enable on tinyurl.com that installs a cookie on your computer which, when you click on a tinyurl, it takes you to a web page that just displays the actual url! Kinda like the second trade window on RS :B Lol, but anyway, it's immensely helpful!
  6. macburl


    Have you accounted for doorways? Like, which sides of the room actually have doors? I made a nifty plan earlier and it all died because i failed there xP i'll try to find that plan later and post it here!
  7. macburl

    Favorite Quest Moments?

    I'd have to say for me it was the second time. the first time, i was really well prepared and while it was pretty awesome, it just wasn't nearly as cool as taking him down with a bronze crossbow and winning with just 1 lobster left over. And then parading around Varrock with full rune on and 26 cb :D that was fun. Jagex makes a whole lot of jokes and puns, and i love every one of them :( I couldn't begin to chose either
  8. macburl

    Lobsters Idea

    Because you'd need to go to a bank for that... What you do, is you bring a stack of gold and nothing else, to the dock. you buy an inventory of lobsters, go back to the bank, bank them, and repeat. they get money, not quite as much as they might like, but they get extra xp for their time. It's a very viable situation, i'm sure it would work
  9. macburl

    Lobsters Idea

    Oh i think people might, they don't want to keep running back and forth, high level people really want to just stay and fish, unbroken :D This is a pretty good idea!
  10. I think he's saying that it should be converted to a R/2Her
  11. macburl

    The Puppy Log <3

    Congratulations! That's so awesome ^.^ Happy valentine's day! :D
  12. Tbh, i wouldn't be sad to see the G.E. get taken out. Honestly, the game has become so trite and easy, where it used to be more mature and difficult. I'm noticing little things like, say, the anvil that got added to lumbridge, right next to the furnace. and new shops that werent there before, and the bank, lol, though that's been there for a long time. Everything is getting really civilized, and, well, i don't play an adventure game to live in a civilized fully functional world. On topic, think of it this way. what if you started getting payed less at your job, and so did everyone else. It would be terrible until you realized that everything was cheaper, and now you're earning less and paying less. The overall percent though stays the same, you still pay 30% of your earned money on the same amount of food, but it's costing you 30k now instead of 300k. If everything is falling in price, then it's like nothing is.
  13. We'll run house even if it's only you and me babe :D Awwww yeahhhr! >:P :(
  14. Yayyy more reason for people to think RuneScape and it's ilk are evil... Ugh, seriously though, what were these people thinking >.> When he realized she was 13, it was time to stop and.. hire a hooker or something, i don't know o.O
  15. macburl

    Runescape Names

    Runescape is the first thing i signed up for on the internet, so i spent a while finding a good name, and i finally chose MacBurl2 (which i later changed to MacBurl II) Rakkety Tam MacBurl is a fictional character, a scottish warrior squirrel. yes, squirrel. (which makes my squirrel ears and scottish familiar so much more awesome) Anyhoo, MacBurl is my name, and anywhere on the internet, if you find a MacBurl, it's probably me! Password's the same on most everything too o.o; HEM. anehwai. I like to chose a name that isn't silly or stupid, but actually serious and legit, and i always cringe when people get their silly names in my RPG >:T Nah, only a bit xP I also use the screen name Epsilon_V for more science fiction-y things o.O Pokemon is for the win, Gir is very for the win, and Samsara is a hauntingly beautiful word.... Course maybe i'm slightly high from staying up late and other stuff. -Facepalm-"Other stuff" is not anything illegal. Or immoral. i need to get to bed xD

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