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  1. SharArch

    Should I Leave Sal's?

    no flaem on sals plz kthx
  2. Yeah, I quit a while back. Check my posts if you dont believe me :( Stobbo is quite cool Someone who likes his warns I've only got four... And I don't like them. Some new guy I don't know.
  3. Yeah, I quit a while back. Check my posts if you dont believe me :( Stobbo is quite cool
  4. I don't remember Stobbo being a DM. :(
  5. SharArch

    Should I Leave Sal's?

    OMFG WHERE DID YOU COME FROM by the way: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=239574 From the deepest darkest depths of the mind of He Who Shall Not Be Named.
  6. SharArch

    Should I Leave Sal's?

    plz no leev kthx
  7. SharArch


    981? You never got on that.
  8. SharArch


    Forgot to add it. To contact me: #novus [email protected] http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endid=128599947 Dead again ^_^
  9. SharArch


    The school I go to is a British Private. We have four breaks a day, which makes the day even longer, get on the bus at 8 and get off at 6.30. We have an hours extra curricular activities, and play waaaay too much sport. But we get 2 weeks half term :DI think I made all my school day clear.
  10. SharArch

    Hilarious Irc Quotes

    [01:07] <Patou> I never thought I'd see that on #novus... A yugioh card game ending up in anime porn. Patou and Rex Raptor played Yugioh. I'm dead again.
  11. SharArch


    I'll try to be on IRC as much as possible. :hug:Thanks for the comments guys. See you.
  12. SharArch


    Dear Sal's: Some of you may not know me very well, but here goes anyway. I hate leaving topics in the Scape Lounge so I put it here. Here goes. I am leaving for the following reasons: 1. I haven't got much time on my hands with schoolwork etc, getting home at 6.30 nowadays. 2. I'm spending more time on here than with my RL friends. And that's not something I want to happen. 3. No offence to you guys, you've been great but I don't really enjoy being on the forums anymore. Some people I'll miss: Jamster: I know you IRL. You introduced me to the forum, and was always a great guy to me in real life. You were my best friend at my old school and one of the only things that makes me miss it. That, and the cakes in the vending machine. electric_llama: Another IRL friend from my old school. I'll miss you. Toungy & Kwinten: Your animal debates will be something I missed. :lol: Definition: You are one of the only people I respect on this forum. I know I've forgotten some people. But they know who they are. Bye.
  13. SharArch

    In This Thread, It Is 2057

    My son just bought a sniper rifle off eBay v7.0. Anyone know the binary death code for neural implants?
  14. um wtf IDK Killa too well.

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