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  1. JackH

    Rule Additions & Reminders

    Ah, ok, thanks for clearing that up Now, I'd like a suspension please. Sal's is taking up waayy too much of my time, lol. 98 posts in 2 years and 315 days FTW! EDIT: Woops, wrong quote! Well you know what I meant to quote
  2. JackH

    Rule Additions & Reminders

    On-request suspensions? What does that mean?
  3. Since 2003, your leader (Salmoneus) has been secretive and mysterious about personal details. In 2005 he posted this information about himself: Now I am happy to reveal my research: I could reveal much much more, but I fear I may get myself banned, so without permission I won't go any further. Sal: Make your myspace private Now you are even closer to the great Salmoneus! :(
  4. JackH

    Your Secretive Leader, Salmoneus

    Well his first Myspace blog post was December 2007. You think I would work on a lie as stupid as this for over a year? EDIT: Proof sent. Do not distribute, please
  5. JackH

    Your Secretive Leader, Salmoneus

    Well actually, I didn't set out to find it, I got the myspace username from something on this site accidentally :( And, those talking about privacy: It's not like I gave away the college he attends. Just everything else. Mano: That would only give an approximate location and no other details. Srsly folks I'm not a stalker. I just like sharing my findings. Think of it as an open source research project :o
  6. JackH

    Your Secretive Leader, Salmoneus

    It's a star sign, nub :D Based on what time of the year you are born I wasn't being serious, thanks for killing the joke. :o The joke was never alive :P Finisterra: I also know the college he attends. Let's get to work
  7. JackH

    Your Secretive Leader, Salmoneus

    Dad: I expect his age was updated last year
  8. JackH

    Your Secretive Leader, Salmoneus

    It's a star sign, nub :( Based on what time of the year you are born
  9. JackH

    Your Secretive Leader, Salmoneus

    Falcon, one sec I will prove to you via PM EDIT: And the forum started 2003 on invisionfree
  10. JackH

    Why Isn't There A Shoutbox?

    I disagree. The clan chat is for when you are in RuneScape itself, and there is no longer an official Sal's IRC channel. Shoutboxes are easy to moderate, you can have easy IRCish commands like /ban [username] and /clear .. and you could set a post count limit, for example you need 30 posts to shout. I don't think it'd be very resource intensive, either.
  11. Basically, answer the question the poster above asked, and then ask your own question to the below poster. Here's an example.. Poster 1: What is your favourite type of chocolate? Poster 2: Dark. Do you still play RuneScape? Kind of like Truth Or Dare, but without the Dares. :( If there is already one, please close. STARTING QUESTION: How often do you drink Coffee?
  12. JackH

    The Word Association Game.

    Metal Pole :(
  13. JackH

    The Word Association Game.

    Girlfriend :(
  14. JackH

    How Did You Find Out About Sal's?

    My friend told me about this place, he's banned now :(
  15. JackH

    Would You Rather...?

    Yes, you don't have to act as if kissing another male is going to end the world The first option, it's alot worse than killing somebody and since we know each other we could get it over and done with quickly, and never speak to anybody about it. :P Not that it's happened before. :(
  16. ^ Celebrity. I see you too much 8/10
  17. XP isn't a word :( Still, I have to keep the game going, so: Pencil
  18. JackH

    Lowering Warns.

    Your probably right, but for likelihood of getting your warn lowered it's best to PM a mod who likes you, or atleast has no experience with your rule breaking :(
  19. JackH

    You Laugh, You Lose!

    Lol.. Warning, the next image may make you commit suicide. I warned you.
  20. JackH

    What Was The Last Food You Ate?

    Last thing I ate was Pizza, and last thing I drank was a glass of milk :(
  21. JackH

    Quests And Guides In Lithuanian!

    Forget these nubs... let's make a Lithuanian runescape site :( :P
  22. JackH


    *sends a get well soon card to your ear* Hope the operation goes well :(
  23. JackH

    Man Eats 23,000 Big Macs Within 36 Year Period

    If every day you have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner/tea, then that's 3 meals per day, if you are 15 that's 16200 in your life so far. This guy is 50 something (can't be bothered to go back and check :() It's not sick. Somebody likes Big Macs - just because the media makes out that McDonloads makes you overweight (which is generally false), it doesn't mean you should critisise people who go there more than you. This guy walks 10 miles per day, and he doesn't weigh too much either. He has a healthy lifestyle. Eating McDonalds doesn't automatically make you 'supersized'

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