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  1. Swan_Lake760

    Rate My F2p Account

    very good account for an f2per. 9/10!
  2. Swan_Lake760

    63-70 Fishing

    You should do lobsters as monks will be too slow at your level for fast exp.
  3. Swan_Lake760

    ~ Tyr's Guard ~ 80+ Combat

    please join us! we still have staff positions! 30+ members and more than half are actual members! <33
  4. Swan_Lake760

    ~ Tyr's Guard ~ 80+ Combat

    FORUMS & MEMBERLIST Tyr's Guard History Tyr's Guard was founded by Amt, Soren and Xow in 2009. During the first two days of their opening, they have acquired 30 members, most of them being clan friends, due to the fact that they left another clan to start their own. Along came their followers, who were part of the previous clan but decided that Tyr's Guard was better for them, in many ways. During its first two days, they have acquired more than 200 posts, and have already decided their first staff members. Tyr's Guard is a friendly and warm community that enjoys playing Runescape, along with many other RPG games. It is dedicated to brotherhood/sisterhood. Although this is a new clan, its members have bonded so well, that you would think that they have stayed together for many years but no, it has only been a couple of days. Its staff makes sure that everyone is not affected by such harassment of any kind and makes sure that its members have pleasant and enjoyable times in Tyr's Guard. Tyr's Guard are both P2P and F2P based but most of our events tend to be P2P based. We do have clan wars in F2P but we usually have once a month in P2P. It offers many other events, unrelated to combat but due to the fact that this clan is a 80+ cb clan, we usually tend to have more combat-related events. TG hopes to be an active clan, and stand out, amongst all clans in Runescape. We aim to maintain friendships in and out of the clan and make sure that our members are comfortable with each other. Our clan chat is always open with at least one person in the CC every time you log on! Its members are friendly and welcoming so do not be scared and join us in our CC anytime, anyday! Basic Information to TG Requirements: 80+ F2P Combat Xfire Chat Room: tyrs guard chat Runescape Clan Chat: Tyrs Guard Homeworld(s): 10 (F2P) 48 (P2P) Clan Cape: Team Cape 22 Tyr's Guard Leadership Clan Owners: Amtgard111 Xow2k3 Soren Zero Clan Leaders: tortoisesr - Head Forum Moderator lxRonxl - Clan Chat Admin Icsoulreaper - Head War Lord Randollini - Events Team Leader Fellow Staff Members: Ysl1123 Swan760 Cutdren Kingkuffi STAFF POSITIONS ARE OPEN! updated as of 28th June 2009 Tyr's Guard Clan Events - Clan War Trips - KBD hunting Trips - KQ hunting Trips - Stealing Creation - Soul Wars - Skilling Parties - Tzhaar Trips - Duel Arena Tournaments - House Parties - GWD trips - Monster Boss Trips - Combat-Related Events - Special Events like Birthday Parties etc. Tyr's Guard Media - NONE AT THE MOMENT Tyr's Guard Credits If you would like to join Tyr's Guard, do not hesitate to join our clan chat or pm one of the staff above and they will direct you to our site. Also, any queries should be pmed to the clan owners/leaders above. Hope to see you soon and have a great day. Courtesy to Swan760 who made this template. UPDATED ON THE 28th JUNE 2009!
  5. Swan_Lake760

    Selling 1k Feathers!

    6K! pm me in-game, kay?
  6. Swan_Lake760

    ~! The Shadowed Legion ! 1k+ Registered Members !~

    TSL owns <333
  7. Swan_Lake760

    Selling Grimy Kwuarms

  8. Swan_Lake760

    The Helping Hand - Closed :(

    Swan Lake760 Swan Lake760 http://hiscore.runescape.com/hiscoreperson...r1=swan_lake760 GMT +8 Levels: Cooking: 65 Crafting: 47 Magic: 60 Runecrafting: 20 Smithing: 43 Construction: 35 Farming: 38 Fletching: 44 Herblore: 35
  9. Swan_Lake760

    Selling Grimy Kwuarms

    yes, i have about 60 at the moment and I just want to get rid of the things that i won't use at the moment since my herblore is still 35, i know, what a shame, so yeahh, but my farming is pretty high and yeahh, so pm or post here if ya wanna buy it 60 grimy kwuarms would cost at about 3.3k at market price altogether, it would cost about 200k so yeahh, if i rounded it off to the nearest 100. so yeah, im not selling at maximum, sort of around market price, if you wanna buy for lower, we can work out a deal, thanks =)
  10. Swan_Lake760

    The Goals Of A Dragon Skiller

    Wow....you must be soo dedicated...*cough nerd cough*
  11. Swan_Lake760

    Runescape Competition

    1. Pickaxe 2. Acheivement Capes 3. Scythe or Bunny Ears 4. Ghost speak Amulet.
  12. Swan_Lake760

    Movie Event

    I'll be Jade (Girl)- If I have 2 fite....I'll wear....maybe an iron or steel armour but if it is jus like a normal fight
  13. Swan_Lake760

    The Blue Flare Clan

    Hello...checkin on the topic. I am a retired member of BFC and welcomes you to the clan.
  14. Swan_Lake760


    Coming and may take photographs
  15. Swan_Lake760

    Defeated Elvarg At 13 Combat F2p!

    U HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!oh my gosh!I did it at combat lvl 32!You are just amazing!

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