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  1. Has it died? Or are kids just finishing school for summer than then there will be an influx of players? I'm considering quitting again. Even though I'm playing for no real goal or anything just enjoyment.
  2. Well I don't even play it anymore. I doubt I'll ever return to RS I said I wouldn't before but it was arrival of '07 which attracted me to it again. Now like before when I quit all my items will be lost in vastness of nothingness forever. I'm too old to be playing RPG's anyway :(.
  3. Cheers. I got 89 last week. I was trying to push for 90/99 but I've quit.
  4. I don't know I should post this but anyway. Come at me bro. In less than a months work. I have a job now unlike 2007 where I was jobless drunk. Now I'm employed (and still drunk). I might get 80 fletching. Who knows I'm still playing for fun. No competition here.
  5. I don't think it was ever big on Sals. I meant in general. I ran of membership last week. I have urge to get 99 woodcut but I doubt I'll come back to it now.
  6. I'm another. Fishee and me are ballin' on next level. Meh I might play for another month to get 99 woodcutting. Just cause I never did quite get there back 2007 either...
  7. Whitey

    Fastest way to 75 Ranging?

    Hill or Moss Giants. Or even Dragons? Try to get a slayer task involving ranging it will help out!
  8. A few weeks later. I'm so burnt out on woodcutting now. I'm going to fletch all my logs. Get some cash and get a dragon axe.
  9. Well I've got a stock pile of logs I might else well get 80 fletching. It's sad that not many people are playing but I really enjoy it. But I've burnt out on woodcutting for the moment!
  10. Yeah I'm really active on classic RS. This is the only version I play. Any cool dudes wanna add me, hit me up yo.
  11. I just got 80 woodcutting today. Also I had 60 firemaking and 70 fletching but didn't know this topic was here! Please add me :).
  12. Whitey

    Parallel Parking

    It's Irish.
  13. Whitey

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Yeah I don't visit this place as often as I like anymore so I don't even post. I always though Tame was the best song the Pixies did. It's insane. Tame does a great job of getting a lot of emotion through with few words, love it. Especially the "uh huh" breathing part, intense. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-EW-C31J2g I think it's the best song that Pixies do, even if I'm not a fan haha. I like loud music.
  14. Whitey

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Yeah I don't visit this place as often as I like anymore so I don't even post. I always though Tame was the best song the Pixies did. It's insane.
  15. Whitey

    Iron Man 3

    It' what happens with Hollywood box office films. Trailers are to attract people to watch it. Most mainstream films I watch I can work out what happens before it ends which is annoying I want some cliffhanger or something.
  16. Whitey

    Iron Man 3

    I also saw it yesterday. I think it was good but it's just entertainment and I can't take these sort of films to seriously. I thought the plot was solid and I didn't actually guess what was going to happen which was at least something. I don't think Iron Man is over, I bet he's going to do some cameos in the other films.
  17. GILLIS <3 Oh ya nice drop. I've been also sucked into playing '07 RS and yet again I'm more or less 100% drunk when playing covered in women.
  18. Whitey

    Why am I still here?

    Everyone I once knew on this forum is gone. I'm pretty much hanging about the music thread suggesting albums/artists I like. But there is so many more outlets to do that on. I don't play RS anymore. Am I clinging onto the old days? What's with all the questions?! I might go.
  19. Whitey

    Music Recommendations Thread

    I'm going to swing down to Manchester to see him. He usually comes to Leeds but he's not this year. Hope it's not something to do with the fact that last time he played in Leeds he spent the night at my house eating ice pops. No way True story. We met him and the flute player in this bar because he couldn't find the club where his afterparty was. We told him that the club he was looking for was a hellhole (which it is) so he came back to mine for drinks and customary ice pops. Which club? I bet I'm familiar with it! Anyway it's been a while since I made a post. If you want good ol fashion punk check out Iceage. I first found them when they brought there EP out a couple of years ago. They have since got really big and got a "hipster" following. Failing that check out Chelsea Wolfe. It's similar to PJ Harvey meets Portishead with all the evilness of black metal. Seriously this girl is good.
  20. Whitey

    My New Album Is Out!

    Yeah I really do. Proper like Rebuild! Please!. Had the whole house to myself, put it on the biggest pair of speakers I own and time stood still.
  21. Whitey

    My New Album Is Out!

    Well I've given the album a quick listen and it's just what I look for in ambient music plus it's catchy too. Cheers!
  22. Whitey

    Metal Thread

    Bathory, everday. All day. If you agree you can be in my gang.
  23. Whitey

    The Hobbit

    As a fan of the book I always have doubts when novels/books do get turned into films but I bet this will be similar to LotR but I don't have an urge to see the Hobbit.
  24. Whitey

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Anyone like pop-punk/emo sort of stuff? Check out probably the finest the UK has to offer similar to Daylight I've been told but I don't really see it. Shame they have split.
  25. Whitey

    Metal Thread

    Oh Fenriz. You crack me up.

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