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  1. Fabis

    I miss you all

    sup dudes
  2. Fabis


    I haven't played RuneScape recently, but my friend told me that apparently you can now do surveys and buy magazine subscriptions to earn extra ingame stuff... man runescape's really going down the shizzleter isn't it what's next? you will have to go through an adf.ly link to get to the game?
  3. Fabis

    Just something I'd like to share

    ITT "ye that sucks, but CAN I BE IN YOUR FAN CLUB??"
  4. This is funny because it is on a nerdy RuneScape forum.
  5. You kinda effed up with the prom thing.
  6. Fabis


    Super stoked, cause araabMUZIK has a show in Riga later this month. Can't wait!
  7. Fabis

    shizzle has hit the fan

    So then better to just not do anything because there are some people on the internet whining about it? I didn't know that the way to stop the "greatness of the united states" is to just call them names on the internet.
  8. Fabis

    shizzle has hit the fan

    I've never criticized the USA for helping other countries.
  9. Fabis

    shizzle has hit the fan

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26400035 Russia is invading Ukraine
  10. Fabis

    shizzle has hit the fan

    Not very isolationist, when there's oil somewhere, though.
  11. Fabis

    shizzle has hit the fan

    Where's the "great USA" then? Obama's been making some stupid little warnings, that Russia doesn't even give a shizzle about.
  12. News titles like this: "Lawmakers Allow Putin to Use Military in Ukraine" "Crimea Crisis: Russian Parliament to Review New Annexation Law" This is legitimately scary, because Latvia is also right next to Russia, and what if they suddenly decide to go here too? It's obvious Russia is going to invade Ukraine at this point, like really obvious, I mean there already are Russian forces in Crimea. And the big western countries are doing nothing, but making empty warnings. This reminds me of WW2, when Hitler just took Poland and no one even attempted to stop him. EDIT: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26400035 Russia is invading Ukraine
  13. Fabis

    Smooth move Nintendo

    Because they want to cut their ties with the Wii. The Wii U isn't doing very well, so they're doing everything they can to make people buy it.
  14. Fabis

    This is the future

    gonna log on runescape and toke up with my clan bros

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