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    I get tired typing my interests over and over, but one interest of mine is the future of Runescape.

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    I Don't Play
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    I liked mining in Classic, but I like agility in RS2.
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    Somewhere above 80, I think.
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    Not sure. Pretty high, though.
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    Not in a clan.
  1. FJGamer

    Rpg Games...

    You're actually just asking for advice, so this topic is in the wrong forum, and you meant MMORPGs; not RPGs in general, correct? Well, I guess that's all I wanted to say. I know of a lot of RPGs, most of which are pretty nice, but few of them are free games. Maybe you could try viewing my blog at http://searchforvideogames.blogspot.com Good luck with your search!
  2. FJGamer

    The Bunny Kit

    Love the Halo stuff, and Link looks pretty good. I can't help but think the dragon "kite" is funny. I think I saw this kit once before, but whatever.
  3. FJGamer

    Half-life 2 Music Videos

    If you ever made one, post it. Here's mine: Please, only post yours if it's worth watching.
  4. FJGamer

    Preferred Video Card

    Yes, it's AGP, 8x, tower. I got an old friend to help me choose a video card, and he said he'll even buy the card and send me it, so I guess you could close the topic now. Thanks anyway.
  5. FJGamer

    Preferred Video Card

    Service Tag: 82JSS31 I think the thing will support a new video card.
  6. FJGamer


    Maybe he assumed it was against Sal's rules to share the account of anything. If that was the case, I'd be banned, because I share a FTP account with several people, and I've used public FTP for AMV.org! Well, I guess I'm screwed. You're an idiot, good sir.
  7. FJGamer

    Preferred Video Card

    Just some extra info: It's a Dell Optiplex GX270, same model used in most schools I know of. It isn't meant for gaming, but I've added memory (at 1GB right now), and I have 200GB of total hard drive space. I'm not willing to open the case right this moment, but I'm only taking up one of the five slots available, and the one I'm using is for my wireless network card.
  8. FJGamer


    You don't need that feature. Just set up a site with the clan's info and allow a few people to access it.
  9. FJGamer

    Preferred Video Card

    Well, I have absolutely no budget at the moment, but I was thinking I could save about $100 ($150 max) for the card. It needs to be able to handle modern video games, like The Orange Box (Half-Life 2, Portal, etc.) and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (requires hardware T&L). My current card is on the motherboard and is from Intel, so it doesn't support all that DirectX 9 stuff. ATI or nVidia? Which brand is better right now?
  10. I need to find the best video card for my money, and it looks like a war between ATI and nVidia. Any recommendations?
  11. FJGamer

    Rsdragoons 2 (script Only)

    I did plan out a sequel to Runescape Dragoons, even though I said I was done with the RS community, but I quit working on it after making the script and a menu system, so here's the script: http://www.fantasyjam.net/runescape/rsd2.txt
  12. FJGamer

    Rs 3d Model (wip)

    I'm making a Runescape character from scratch in Blender. If you're interested in my progress, just check my blogspot post at http://fjgamer.blogspot.com/2008/05/modeli...-character.html I'm gonna post again when I finish the model and once more when I set up a nice scene. I need some ideas for the scene. Where should the dragoon be?
  13. FJGamer

    ~my Runescape Movies~

    I never said to stop making movies. (Just put more effort into them.) And I was responding to someone else. You can't take criticism.
  14. FJGamer

    ~my Runescape Movies~

    Okay: Click here and watch Runescape Dragoons! And tell me if that isn't better than these recordings. Since animations are more difficult to create, you shouldn't make them look exactly like the game. That'd be pointless. Oh and the reason I called the recordings 'crappy' is the blur factor. The game doesn't look all that great to start with, but the video quality makes it downright ugly. The text is too small and blurry to read sometimes. And the emotions aren't serving any purpose. Good machinima, which excludes my Flash stuff (because animation doesn't count as machinima), has a presence that's undeniable, a good look, a great concept/story/plot, and characters who don't randomly emote and act crazy unless it's part of the plot... and then, it's not random!
  15. FJGamer

    ~my Runescape Movies~

    I didn't watch any of the others, but your newest one, Fractured Mind (part 4), is hard to read and doesn't use appropriate music. Maybe you should start making actual animations instead of crappy recordings.

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