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  1. 20000_Posts

    Random Fun Memories

    Tbh the tech support here was legendary. I learned so much from Naota, Stobbo, and Bob-sama.
  2. 20000_Posts

    Going on exchange to an American uni!

    Go to Texas A&M, come hang out with all the Sal peeps here.
  3. 20000_Posts

    I did it

    Yea had a ton of interviews, biggest was with Siemens but they ended up falling through. It was tough balancing work/school/interviews so unfortunately I wasn't 100% on point. I'm not too worried, I just want to find the right job. I'll probably get something before the summer.
  4. 20000_Posts

    I did it

    I'm an electrical engineer. Now I need a job.
  5. 20000_Posts


    Happy birthday to me.
  6. 20000_Posts

    Pics Of Yourself!

  7. 20000_Posts

    Thoughts on Windows 10?

    I just installed the update today. Took under an hour to get the first boot (on an SSD), then I just used it as normal for the next few hours, restarting every once in a while, and everything is pretty good. Some of the theme changes are kind of annoying, but there's some cool new features. Biggest gripe is that my gestures aren't working 100% right now. Oh, and Windows finally has multiple desktops.
  8. 20000_Posts

    Press F to pay respects to my bank account

    sr mr skeltal
  9. 20000_Posts

    Choosing a laptop.

    Hahaha 128gb is enough? I've almost filled my 512gb SSDs. GTA 5 needs an ssd and is 60gb. The Asus has a nice IPS display. And you pay the premium for the build quality and cooling.
  10. 20000_Posts

    Choosing a laptop.

    Just wondering, what's wrong with their cooling? It's just a generic laptop cooling. From my experiences, I've never seen them able to properly keep laptops cool over multiple years. They just easily pick up dust if not cleaned out constantly and since they're not as good as cooling to begin with, they can cook your components if you're not careful. Asus is one of the few companies that has a really good design when it comes to cooling.
  11. 20000_Posts

    Choosing a laptop.

    Yes I would choose the Asus. I've seen some good things about the MSIs but I've never been a fan of the build quality on them and the cooling has never impressed me.
  12. 20000_Posts

    Choosing a laptop.

    I have an earlier version of the Asus, it's pretty sweet. Asus has always done an amazing job with cooling which is crucial for a gaming laptop. I was just watching a review on the new Asus today:
  13. 20000_Posts

    PC Gaming Club

    Witcher 3 has been pretty cool so far. Damn if it isn't a tough game to run, though even on all lowest settings it still looks pretty great.
  14. 20000_Posts

    PC Gaming Club

    So that's how it's gonna be now huh?
  15. I do not suffer from chronic depression, but have had a brief encounter with depression before in a way that differed from ordinary grief/sadness and I've been pretty close with sufferers of clinical depression. One important point to keep in mind is that depression (in addition to other mental health issues) may not necessarily be increasing in prevalence, as much as they are finally being attributed as we become more familiar with psychological disorders. 1. Chronic depression is a mental health disorder that can exhibit itself in consistent depression or swings. It differs from ordinary sadness, I'd personally say it's a feeling of complete overwhelming and helplessness. 2. For me it was a series of life events, but luckily I don't suffer from clinical depression. For those that do, even if you have all the reasons in the world to NOT be depressed, there's nothing you can do since you can't alter how your brain operates just by willing it. 3. Just my interpretation, but artistic genius may come out of depression and is accepted so widely because we all face sadness and potential depression. Someone who is chronically depressed (and has the artistic ability to describe it either in word or paint or some other way) can be very familiar with these feelings and able to describe it in such a way that the rest of us can relate to. I appreciate a good depressing movie or song because it takes me to a feeling that I am somewhat familiar with but do not experience very often.

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