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  1. 20000_Posts

    Best State in the US

    You can get that in Austin. With the bonus of it not raining all the time.
  2. 20000_Posts

    v important needs updating

    lol this forum used to be pretty alive eh
  3. 20000_Posts

    Best State in the US

    What does your state have for fun, crippling alcoholism?
  4. 20000_Posts

    Best State in the US

    Y'all motherfudgeers need Texas.
  5. 20000_Posts

    Solar Freaking Roadways

    That video does a great job showing the reaction of a person with a loose grasp on reality and loves to read pop-sci headlines.
  6. 20000_Posts

    What did you learn today?

    Thats where you're going wrong, thats usually their job. Elaborate please? pretty sure he just said you suck vienerschnitzle
  7. 20000_Posts

    Poking Einstein's Theory

    I see what you're saying, but the issue is that all three blocks are moving at the same speed. If you put your frame of reference on the blocks, it's as if the three of them aren't even moving (all of space is moving, rather). So you basically have three stationary blocks, the middle one emits a signal and it reaches both A and C at the same time. The example you give in the post right above this one would only apply if B was stationary, A was approaching it and C was moving away from it. Then with that, correct, you would experience a red/blue shift (length contraction) and time dilation.
  8. 20000_Posts

    Poking Einstein's Theory

    Explain using your or your teacher's logic why block A is receiving the signal first. Which equation is used to get to that conclusion?
  9. 20000_Posts

    Poking Einstein's Theory

    Yea so I just did pretty well in my relativity course last semester, I'm going to need you to clarify some things. The three blocks are all moving at the same velocity and in the same direction? And I assume their velocity is close to the speed of light for time dilation/length contraction to occur (say, 0.8c)? The problem with this is that if all of the blocks are moving at the same velocity, they shouldn't be experiencing any time dilation/length contraction relative to each other. This is shown in the length contraction and time dilation formulae: Another problem is that block B is sending out a signal with velocity....the same as the block? I'm assuming this is a signal of light which means it's travelling at the speed of light REGARDLESS of the velocity of the body emitting it (second postulate of special relativity). So if the three blocks are all moving at a constant velocity, and each of those velocities is equal, to each other they might as well not be moving and the speed of light (the signal) will be transmitted with time: t=(distance)/c If the boxes are all moving in near speed of light velocities, but are different (say 0.75c, 0.8c, and 0.85c) you need to use the Lorentz transformation and then solve from there for the time dilation, which will prevent you from getting a speed outside the spacetime continuum. Equation: Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, it might be that I just misread what you were trying to say.
  10. 20000_Posts

    What did you learn today?

    TIL doctors mess up prescriptions but it's all cool
  11. 20000_Posts

    Runescape relationships

    It's one thing if you meet over a video game and then meet up for real and continue it from there. But it's really easy to rationalize an online only/unrealistically long distant relationship when it's really not worth it compared to an in person thing. Not saying it can't work, but it's a bunch of extra work for no real gain. Other than never having to shower or care about your physical appearance.
  12. 20000_Posts

    Music Recommendations Thread

    so chiiiiiiiilllll
  13. 20000_Posts

    Pics Of Yourself!

    how hi are you
  14. 20000_Posts

    Continuing from yesterday's blog.

    Hey what school, if you tell me I'll tell you what school I go to. Know what you'll be studying?
  15. 20000_Posts

    Welcoming the summer.

    Learn to hit it and quit it, hump it and dump it, ejaculate and evacuate, fudge and chuck, smash and dash.
  16. 20000_Posts

    Welcoming the summer.

    Well go to a state school instead of a private one to save yourself some money. And stop getting so attached to girls, just go and have fun with some and that's it. More important things than that.
  17. 20000_Posts

    Graphics card upgrade

    http://www.amazon.co...keywords=750 ti That's the superclocked one, if you need to save $5 then get not superclocked but whatever I think this one is better. ---- Or if you want to save a bit of money but still get similar performance: http://www.amazon.co...rds=radeon 260x --- Both of those cards should run all those games listed at 1080p high settings. No you will not be able to run these cards + your current one. Well technically you can but they won't work together, you can try getting them both to run both independently (two separate monitors) but that's up to you to try out.
  18. 20000_Posts

    zooey and i are neighbors

    Gonna be sweet
  19. 20000_Posts


    It's the paragraph ambassador. The god Rakim, the master.
  20. 20000_Posts

    Shoes for wear

    If aabid wore AEs I'd offer my sister to him.
  21. 20000_Posts

    Shoes for wear

  22. 20000_Posts

    What did you learn today?

    Wave propagation fiddlesticks. Also that caffeine, nicotine, and amphetamines combined is an amazing/terrible idea.
  23. 20000_Posts

    Hi my names Aight

    shizzle happens lots of girls out there, seriously.
  24. 20000_Posts

    Music Recommendations Thread

    good shizzle!

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