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  1. 20000_Posts

    Want To Not Exist?

    w8 wat????????????
  2. i call this the noob shot i didnt use any instructions so its horrible and i was crying while i made it so dont go to hard. plus i just figured out now that sals actually helps you!!!! so im a caveman needing a fire(if that means anything)
  3. 20000_Posts

    Wow U Can Play Runescape Without Computer!

    ya psps do have web browsers dont they? i also heard that the wii has a web browser...that would be weird...
  4. 20000_Posts


    good but i didnt really get it....
  5. 20000_Posts

    Star Wars Fake

    i think its missing trees and...ive never seen a bridge with a circle in the middle
  6. 20000_Posts

    Ranged Training

    good except the apple looks kinda like its floating and y is there a lesser in lumby????
  7. 20000_Posts

    4th Fake

    lol i never would have thought of "noob flakes" lol
  8. 20000_Posts

    Software Upgrade [complete]

    dude no offence but i hate it. i used to use the dark kind of skin and its not there. i liked that 1.....
  9. 20000_Posts


    ummm....what does that have to do with runescape?
  10. 20000_Posts

    Abyssal Whips

    Dual wielding, eh?
  11. 20000_Posts

    My 7th Fake In Ages

    ok first thing, what is hosed supposed to mean???? second thing if it was zezimas "friend" he would just give him 100k cause he found it in his couch pillow
  12. 20000_Posts

    A Funny Fake =]

    why can u eat it?
  13. 20000_Posts

    My First Fake!

    lol thats funny. not as bad as mine tho...
  14. 20000_Posts

    Ghost Sheep!

    w8 were the sheeps names boris and trevor? other than that its amazing
  15. actually ive picked up a rune 2h before(or maybe some1 hacked the account and dropped all the stuff) any way it was good 4 me :P
  16. 20000_Posts

    The Road To 85 Mining And 300 Total!

    i kind of gave up on mining when i became a member but now i think i mite get back into it since im a non mem again...
  17. 20000_Posts

    Rimmington: Complete!

    plus if your construction is hi enough u can have portals in your house or use some one elses...
  18. 20000_Posts

    Dead Man's Chest

    i didnt like it. are you ripping off of pirates of the caribbean???
  19. 20000_Posts


    srry man. 1 word "huh??"
  20. 20000_Posts

    Cow Vs Sheep

    kinda good. nice ghetto comp tho. good ol'fasioned gray. just like i like it
  21. 20000_Posts

    Noob Sniper Version 6.1

    6/10. i dunno i didnt like it. the picture was to small in the top left corner for me to figure out wat was going on
  22. 20000_Posts

    My First Quest Fake

    it's real good
  23. 20000_Posts

    My 3rd Fake!

    ya looked good. i woulda liked it if you had the guys in the place where the talking words go(srry) and they would be like "whoa, awsome dude"
  24. 20000_Posts

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    im new. 1 lol. never seen most of these people lol
  25. 20000_Posts

    Wow Look At My Cute Little Dress

    hey man, it's ok. u know what i think to make it more apropriate when men wear skirts? i think they should be like the ancient roman skirts! those cool plated ones that dont show off your manly legs. lol. no really that would be cool.

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