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  1. 20000_Posts
    When a girl says she wants to fudge you in the back of your car, do not mention that there's no way two people could fit in those seats.
    It's a tiny car. And I don't want to scuff up the leather.
  2. 20000_Posts
    So in a month I'm pretty sure everyone is going to mecca. That means I get a week off and should go somewhere.
    The group of friends and I have pretty much narrowed down to India and Thailand. Probably go to new Delhi or Bangkok.
    India has got the cool Hindu and Sikh stuff, but that Buddhism stuff can be pretty dope too.
    Thailand has amazing beaches, I don't know anything about Indian beaches...
    Suggestions, peeps?
  3. 20000_Posts
    I'm taking 15 (engineering) hours this semester and the school requires me to do 10 hours a week of tutoring.
    Why? The extra $100 or so a week will be nice, but that's kinda a lot of shizzle to do in my opinion.
  4. 20000_Posts
    Yea so I got to Qatar no problem. My resident hall is fancier than any hotel I've ever been in (my window pane is made out of marble, awesome stone shower, lights and temperature is all touch controlled), people are pretty cool, weather is even hotter than Texas (110 with over 50% humidity????).
    School also gave me a brand new Thinkpad X230T. It has both a touch screen and pen with wacom pressure support, so this is pretty awesome.
    My room is equipped with a 40" 1080p 3D TV, been playing burnout paradise with my computer hooked up, that's pretty fun.
    The drivers in the country are terrible.
    I'm taking 15 hours this semester. Electrical circuit design, technical writing, statics, some math class, and engineering economics.
    Think that's it. This semester is gonna be pretty sweet.
  5. 20000_Posts
    So the only way I can play Borderlands and a handful of other games is if I underclock my gpu clock speed by like 72MHz (and also dropping down the shader clock). For some reason it thinks it's overheating, yet it never goes about 80 C??
    AND GET THIS. I can't play Borderlands on stock except for a few minutes yet I can play BF3 for HOURS with no underclock.
    Nvidia, get your shizzle together.
  6. 20000_Posts
    I got a text from my bank this morning saying I'd overdrafted. The last thing I knowingly bought was ice cream for $1.70 and a $.50 Hi-C Orange.
    Turns out I got charged for 8500 microsoft points. EIGHT THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED WHAT THE ACTUAL fudge
    Now I have no money in the bank. Called Microsoft and they're looking into it, filed a thing on paypal, talked to my bank and they said there's nothing they can do until the transaction goes through (still considered pending as of right now).
    Microsoft said it could have been a hacker, but yea I know a thing or two about "hacking" and when you gain access to an account, the first thing you do is change the password and THEN buy some shizzle.

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