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  1. Masterful as always. Sal's is BACK
  2. @Big Black Spook and I added some of the Emojis to discord haha, you can't survive without
  3. Haha the monkey is awesome. This looks really cool.
  4. Sign for me plox: 20,000 posts - wasted so much time (but loved it) In red please, with a monkey emoji (this is critical)
  5. Tbh the tech support here was legendary. I learned so much from Naota, Stobbo, and Bob-sama.
  6. Go to Texas A&M, come hang out with all the Sal peeps here.
  7. 20000_Posts

    I did it

    Yea had a ton of interviews, biggest was with Siemens but they ended up falling through. It was tough balancing work/school/interviews so unfortunately I wasn't 100% on point. I'm not too worried, I just want to find the right job. I'll probably get something before the summer.
  8. 20000_Posts

    I did it

    I'm an electrical engineer. Now I need a job.
  9. I just installed the update today. Took under an hour to get the first boot (on an SSD), then I just used it as normal for the next few hours, restarting every once in a while, and everything is pretty good. Some of the theme changes are kind of annoying, but there's some cool new features. Biggest gripe is that my gestures aren't working 100% right now. Oh, and Windows finally has multiple desktops.
  10. Hahaha 128gb is enough? I've almost filled my 512gb SSDs. GTA 5 needs an ssd and is 60gb. The Asus has a nice IPS display. And you pay the premium for the build quality and cooling.
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