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  1. I am paying MID price, and if you have more than 1k I will be more than happy to pay 60k more for them. As for the regular battlestaffs, I will pay MAX price for them. Again more you have more I will pay.
  2. Introduction Ok, here is the deal here I am always looking to buy items and sometimes it's hard to get them, this is where all this comes in. I am not looking for people who have better ways to make money, and indeed I am not saying this is a way to make best cash....just side cash. Putting in offers in the GE, I buy for mid or max or above if I am feeling good. Meaning if you have more than 30m you probably won't profit from this( well you probably will make more than others if you have that much ). This is more suitable for people with those wanting to get that 10m, is lacking a couple more and is willing to put in a small amount of time in the GE. What would be the perks of doing this with me? Well, to be quite honest the main perk is you get the side cash. And any help I could offer I will offer to you. Usually this helping thing that I do could be anywhere from "How do I get to point B from point A" to "How do I do this clue scroll" or "How do I GWD??" Even buying off your junk from you sometimes if you can't sell them, or an item you just can't waiiit to get rid off because you're sooooooo close to that nice armour or weapon you want sooooooo bad. What do I get from all of this? Certainly depends on the item, things I usually buy are for my leveling (such as battlestaffs, bird meats) others like Mage comps/Yew comps I buy for investment. What exactly do you do? Well, I have a plethora of items you could buy for me. Here's a list: Magic Composite Bows These have a limit of 2 every 4 hours in the GE. And I am in need of a lot of them. I am paying 3k for EVERY bow you could get for me. If you have more than 10 I will be more than happy to add 500gp more to each of the bows, so that comes out to 3.5k for every bow. Any junk is acceptable. [*]Yew Composite Bows Buying them for 2k each bow! Adding 200gp for 20 or more. [*]BattleStaffs (regular to air) I'll buy any or all of the battlestaffs you can get, preferably Air battlestaffs and regular battlestaffs. Air battle, Water Battlestaffs can be bought from the GE for 100 every 4 hours. You can buy the regular ones from the guy in the Varrock Staff shop. [*]Bird Meat Price is negotiable for these. If you've done As a First Resourt, this could be worth it to you. You can get approximately 2k of these from Ooglog, thats 400k if you sold to me for 200gp(for 2k I'll buy for that much). And they only cost 60gp each from the store there. Again, more you have more I pay. [*]Strawberry Seeds However much the mid is for these, I'll buy. [*]Willow Seeds Buying them in invrements of 10, for mid price. Every 10 you have I'll pay 1k more for each seed. [*]Gold amulets (u) Buying them in 10k increments, for a negotiable price. For a price between 210-300 each. [*]And others that I might just need on a whim lol. How to contact me[/size] Find me at "I am goddd" cc. My cc, barely tho.... Post here!
  3. kandymann3

    Ranging Mithril Dragons

    I'll put that there. Thank You.
  4. kandymann3

    How To Not Get Bored Of Runescape - The Guide

    Nice guide, and I like your Avatar. Your a juggalo I presume? This will help a few people.
  5. kandymann3

    Ranging Mithril Dragons

    It shows you if you didn't look hard enough. It tells you what to do so you can go in...not the whole barbarian guide but a part of it. Just enough so you can go inside to the caverns.
  6. kandymann3

    Ranging Mithril Dragons

    I will add that. Thank you. Thank you.
  7. kandymann3

    Kbd Killing Re-write

    Lol, funny maybe it does give some headaches, lol. I put them in there because I get sick of looking at the picturews and having to read what to bring in guides I see, lol, it's a tribute to them lazy people. And the map part was made by Insomnia.
  8. kandymann3

    What Do Ug Uys Do For Fun Nowadayson Rs?

    Clue scrolls, Barrows and Dragon Hunting my favorite past times.
  9. kandymann3

    Ranging Mithril Dragons

    Done. Well, this was mostly aimed for lower level people. So gloves may be out of their reach.
  10. kandymann3

    King Black Dragon Dungeon

    If you credit me for it. Man, I ain't a biter lol. So no duh I'll credit you. Well I guess that's a yes. Thank you very much.
  11. kandymann3

    Kbd Killing Re-write

    Thank you, hoping to finish this sometime this week. But my niece is home so kinda hard to juggle RS and that.
  12. kandymann3

    Kbd Killing Re-write

    Thank you for it, used , edited and Special Thanked. because as Harry Potter says, dragon hide is highly magical. And therefore has a high mage defence. I also believe that u mean "using mage takes a long time against it. I believe that's 43 for Protect from melee? Changed Prayer and I don't get other one, lol. Just write that dragons have high magic defence so using magic against them would be unwise. OK will do changing. I think it'd make more sense if you say, "Like who gets the hides, the bones, etc." Changing. thank you and this fools gangsta, thank you guys, updated special thanks and guide.
  13. kandymann3

    What To Buy...

    Best be getting a 99 now ;P And the legs are good enough use.
  14. kandymann3

    Green Dragons

    OK, here is the thing get yourself 60 Attack and do Lost city. Wear rune full helm, chain and legs witht DDS and an anti fire shield. Inventory should be Falador teleport and rest trout or 15 lobbies. The 60 def doesn't really matter I've killed green dragons plenty and many of those old hide farmers used to wear that inventory even when they were level 60, they where pretty good when I didn't get their kills ;P
  15. kandymann3

    King Black Dragon Dungeon

    You are amazing, ACCEPT this guide already! So when it's accepted I can link it from my KBD re-write when my hands aren't tied anymore. Very good detailed. And mind if I use the King's picture at the end of your guide?

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