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  1. Canadian eh?


    So, for those who know, I have a sw prod with stats: 96 str 70 hp pray 1. Combat 61. Should I A) Keep pray 1 B) Get 31 pray (makes me cb 66) Thanks.
  2. Canadian eh?

    Sals Pker Cc Rules

    I'm an offender of "Swearing/Avoiding the filter" Lol.. I do it too much.
  3. Canadian eh?

    I Need A Bh Clan

    Make a new account dedicated to pvp and go regain your lost pride. XP But don't go out joining random clans, you might end up getting lured and getting piled by the clan o.O
  4. 95 strength now! Gonna aim for 70 hp, then take your advice on 31 str. 99 str in future..? Maybe.
  5. Canadian eh?

    Fishn Adanas Monsterous Str F2p Pure

    Nice stats! =) Welcome to the forums.
  6. Just a question... How do you get negative warns? Thanks
  7. Canadian eh?

    Silly Things In Runescape...

    I like examining objects/items. Some of them are pretty stupid, and some are even pretty funny.
  8. Canadian eh?

    What To Do?

    Good start. Still many possibilities from here. Keep in mind you can still get 77 range and mage without gaining CB directly. Will gain from HP though. Since you have membership, use SW to your advantage.
  9. Canadian eh?

    F2p Range/mage

    Yea, gain HP through range. Then mage without affecting HP until HP is high enough. Oh and also plan ahead to P2P PVP. With mage its gonna be sweet. As for EPing, EP while you train. There are excellent spots to range/mage in hotspots.
  10. Canadian eh?

    The Cactus Cafe

    LOL. This is soo cool. But unfortunately the only "meals" that I could see useful for me is the vitamins...
  11. Canadian eh?


    Bringing this older thread back to life. Why? Because I agree. The current EP system is seriously due for it's updates. Tbh, I don't care what is done. Something just needs to be done! Maybe even having the rate to gain EP decreased or the rate of EP loss decreased. Either way, something needs to be done. PKing is for fun, yes. But should also a way to make some side money. PaladinPker is on the right track, maybe change up the idea a little bit and it can be quite viable.
  12. Canadian eh?

    Sals F2p Pvp Team

    I'd like to go on some group pks. Sals name: Canadian Eh? RS name: I have 0Ep Combat level: 58 Combat stats: 40 attack, 93 str, 1 defence Bank size: 1m, fluctuates. Timezone: Mountain Time UTC-07:00 Preferred playtime: Random, when I have time or feel like it
  13. Canadian eh?

    Ipod App

    LOL. Sweet, more reasons to be addicted to Runescape. And, easier access to it too.. Whoopie! SUPPORT.
  14. Maybe 95 strength... IDK... whats your opinion? 31 pray or 13?
  15. Canadian eh?

    Attention All Pkers!

    Just joined and there is no one =(. I'm all alone...

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