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  1. Gaia

    Wooden Shield

    He doesn't think it's a good deal, it's just something to mark the return of free trade I would have to agree, let's say its his way to welcome back free trade :D -Gaia
  2. Gaia

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Nice Trey! Glad to see youre levels are getting veery high :D Good luck on 138 combat, your very close!!! -Gaia
  3. Gaia

    Your 10 Most Played Songs In Itunes

    I sense you like Pearl Jam? :D So do i :( -Gaia
  4. Gaia

    P. Diddy Being Sued 1 Trillion Dollars

    This is why women should stay in the kitchen (No discrimination intended to intelligent women :D ) -Gaia
  5. Gaia


    Same as you. -Gaia
  6. Gaia

    Deodorant : Stick Or Spray?

    Spray all the way! -Gaia
  7. My experience of RS was Old School PKing with my friends in F2P. Those were the day's... Edit: Now that i think of it, it was pretty much spending time with my Friends, but PKing with em was my favorite part. -Gaia
  8. If this were facebook i would "Like" this is due to the fact that there is no Megalike button... yet :D Gratz guys, you really deserve it. -Gaia
  9. Gaia

    Bomb Explodes In Moscow Airport

    I agree with you. As i said countless times, i see no reason in attacking each other. These things shouldn't happen. -Gaia
  10. Gaia

    I Have Waiting 14 Months For This.

    Congratulations on 99 slayer!!!! Incredible achievement! PS: Its my 1000th post, so even epicer :D
  11. Gaia

    Music Recommendations Thread

    On the other hand there is music like Pink Floyd's album, Dark side of the moon, which basically sounds as if you were in drugs :( In other words, my recomendation of the week is to listen to pink floyd :D -Gaia
  12. Gaia

    Change To Slayer Xp

    I see no sense in changing it from the current system, sorry but i don't agree. -Gaia
  13. Gaia

    95 Slay!

    Z0mg gratz on 95 slay holl. -Gaia
  14. Gaia


    Gratz on 90 defence and 124 combat!!!1 -Gaia
  15. Gaia

    Obama Taps Ge Ceo

    Since im not a US citizen im not as informed as you guys, yet i must agree with you Jelly, it would give corporate heads more power. "Insert joke on Corrupt official here" -Gaia

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