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  1. iFree

    The Elemental Workshop 3

    In the chapel i think is eight becuase you need a primare bar to open the mechanisc room wen you enter the body room Actually, you need to make two more primed bars after the puzzle, which brings the total amount to 16.
  2. I will, probably, buy another bigger monitor (the VGA one is only 15", while the other one is 24") in the future. I think I'll use HDMI w/ adapter. Using a pair of HD4870's would save some money, while giving good performance; I may go for that.
  3. Two monitors; one with HDMI and DVI connections and one with VGA connection.
  4. I did some changes to the hardware list: Motherboard: ASUS P6T SE RAM: 3 x 2GB from Team Group (1600MHz, CL8) Case: Lexa Blackline (blue) PSU: Corsair 750TX I'm still deciding between Radeon HD 4890 x2, HD4870 x2 or GeForce GTX295. Which one would be the best? EDIT: Finally found a CPU cooler (HSF), which would go within my budget. It's getting too big. Akasa Nero Multi-platform heatsink&fan
  5. I'm quite fed up with my 9-year old computer piece-of-crap, and decided to build a new one myself. So, one evening I made a hardware list, posted below. I'd like some comments (and suggestions) on the composition. My budget's about $1,400 (a thousand euros), but I may go a little over it. Parents pay, after all. Motherboard ASUS P6T Deluxe ($304/€215 from a Finnish retailer) Intel x58 chipset Socket B (LGA 1366) RAM: 6xDIMM, up to 24GB 3xPCIe 2.0 x16; 1x PCIe x4; 2x PCI nVidia SLI and ATI CrossFire support Integrated 8-channel audio card Manufacturer's page CPU Intel Core i7-920 ($395/€279) 2.666GHz 8MB cache Allows 24GB memory (DDR3) Manufacturer's page Video card Sapphire Toxic HD4890 1GB ($312/€221) 1024MB (GDDR5, 1050MHz) memory PCI-E (supports PCI-E 2.0) GPU overclocked to 960MHz Manufacturer's page HDD Samsung HD103UJ 1TB 7200RPM 32MB buffer memory Manufacturer's page RAM Kingston ValueRam 2048MB ($45/€32, buying three or four of these) CL9, 1333MHz, DDR3, 240-pin DIMM Datasheet Power supply Antec EarthWatts EA650 ($126/€89) 650 Watts 120mm fan Manufacturer's page Image of connectors Case Nexus Clodius White Manufacturer's page So, comments etc. are preferred.
  6. iFree

    Pvp Worlds

    Better worded: After the PvP system was removed from the Wilderness, JaGeX - the creators of RuneScape - designated Bounty Hunter minigame to replace the old system. However, because of some players' demand, PvP worlds were added to compensate the loss of a free PvP system. In PvP worlds, you can attack other players (within a limited combat level range) nearly anywhere, with the exception of banks and some minigames. PvP worlds are available in free-to-play and members' worlds. That may not be perfect, but probably better.
  7. iFree

    Penguin Hide And Seek

    Nice guide About the optional content though. Is it allowed to mention player names/clan chats? You think the audio files would be embedded like Salcasts?
  8. iFree

    Soul Wars | ~~100%~~

    Decapitalize You.
  9. I find it quite hard to use the JavaScript window, which appears by clicking on big pictures' thumbnails, like the maps in Seer's Diary guide. So I suggest to change the onclick="loadwindow2(this.href,x,y);return false;" in the <a> tag into target="_blank"
  10. iFree

    In Pyre Need

    Awww... I want to get 99 Fletching with Quest cape, but the reward gets me to 99. Nonetheless, an average quest, I think. I hoped finally for a moderate Summoning requirement, though... and there's no Summoning req. >.<
  11. iFree

    Tears O' Guthix

    How many Quest Points do you have? The more you have, the longer you can be in the cave. Secondly, I don't move much. If the blue stream disappears, I click on where I stand to stop collecting from the empty wall. If a green stream comes to the place, then I move. My maximum tears I've got is 158 with... I think I had 270 Quest Points by then. EDIT: Don't forget, luck matters too. Usually I get 80-130 tears.
  12. iFree

    Quest Cape

    I've never had 10m in cash >.< (Yes, I've got a Quest cape.) I haven't had experiences on 'power-questing' on any account (though I trained pretty intensively for some requirements), so I can't say how hard that would be. I achieved my cape along other training. However, having all or even most quests done opens you a lot of new game content (for example, useful teleport methods), so I definately recommend you to eventually go for the cape. If you're getting 99 Fishing, though, don't get distracted too much from achieving that goal.
  13. iFree

    Monitor Crashing In Hd

    Works fine in 1024x768, so I guess I'm off to hardware store. Okay, found a table in the bottom of this page. Is it a bad thing that it doesn't include my resolution?
  14. I received a 22" monitor as a xmas present, which I do use with a Radeon 9000 GFX card and the older 1024x768 screen. The problem is, after running RuneScape a while in HD on the bigger monitor, graphical glitches start appearing (scretching lines etc.). After that I either close HD or wait till both monitors receive no signal from the graphics card. Shortly said, HD usually runs for a few minutes with glitches before the graphics card goes out. What'cha I gonna do?
  15. iFree

    Close: The Species Of Runescape.

    Are you going to include Deities? That would break into Major Gods, Lesser Gods and maybe Elder Gods. During the Christmas event, it was revealed that the Queen of Snow and Jack Frost are Ice Sprites.

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