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    I enjoy longs walks on the beach, collecting homemade pincushions, and spying on my next door neighbors, who I am sure work for the C.I.A. and are secretly plotting to kill me...

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  1. this isnt fair how can this be happening
  2. Mangaka role is below DM in prestige just saying.
  3. I can sympathize, as I've also found myself in an "I'm not suicidal, my jokes just suck" scenario online.
  4. back before sals died we shouldve done drawings for people to be mod for a day
  5. Had to make some slight changes but basically the same as my original idea. Probably only visible to morally superior non-night mode users.
  6. Hi Zooey!! Okay so I'm thinking like, "heb0" in a bold but tasteful old english font, and then behind that it has cannons with fireballs shooting out of them which are gradually morphing into a dragon on one side and a eagle on the other. and the eagle is holding satan in his (eagle is male) claws and satan has a tattoo on his arm that says "article I, section II, clause III" and on the other side the dragon is looking into a mirror but instead of his reflection staring back at him it's jerome powell except it's not, i mean like it's him but he looks different you know? and he has a speech bubble above his head but you can't make out what it says. And at the edges of the flames they're slowly turning into rain but you get the sense they're actually tears which are raining down on a endless plain of fertile soil, which a lifelike version of my osrs character is digging in. And next to him it says "74 farming, 68 herblore, 103 combat, 1640 total level" in a vibrant font so it stands out. I would like it limited to 40x40 pixels so that it doesn't take up so much room, though.
  7. heb0

    Dear Heb0

    Comedy Central didn't agree. They cancelled my pilot. Didn't even go to air :(
  8. heb0

    Dear Heb0

    On the other hand, truly ahead of his time with the trigger warning emoji
  9. heb0

    Dear Heb0

    It was a simpler time
  10. heb0

    Dear Heb0

    Comedy as an entire concept really peaked with this one.
  11. heb0

    football is gone

    The key with baseball is to listen to it on the radio out on your porch so that you can yell at kids who spit on your lawn on the way to their 16 hour shift at the poison factory at the same time
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