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  1. Joe Schmoe

    Favorite Superhero!

    Other: Rorshach, with The Punisher a VERY close second (gumshoe > guns). I tend to prefer my superheroes not be above killing the bad guys if necessary. Traditional babyface heroes tend to get boring.
  2. Joe Schmoe

    Anyone have insomnia?

    I work nights, so insomnia comes with the territory. I've actually had to put a huge cardboard sheet in front of my window (during late spring-early summer when the sun shines brightest) to keep my room dark so I can sleep. Aside from that, pay attention to your emotional state too. You shouldn't be stressful just before you lay down, otherwise it won't happen. You also shouldn't pig out just before sleep otherwise you risk getting heartburn. Voice of experience.
  3. Joe Schmoe

    Going for any 120s?

    Not per se. My only real interest in this game is slayer. If that gets me a 120 in that skill it'd only be a byproduct, not the goal.
  4. Joe Schmoe

    What Tasks Do You Cancel/block?

    1. Skeletal Wyverns: Too hard to bring down, especially without a dragonfire shield. Kuradel assigns too many of these. Breath weapon freezes even if it doesn't hit and does up to 100ish damage no matter what shield you use. Mithril dragons are just as, if not easier to kill than these. 2. Kalphite: Too crowded with other cannoners. Drops too unimpressive. 3. Terror Dogs: Prayer is useless (protect from melee is almost a requirement for these). Drops too unimpressive for the trouble you have to go through. 4. TzHaar: I'm only 1 for 11 at the Fight Caves. Too bad of a track record to keep trying these. Outside of the Caves gets too crowded otherwise. 5. Hellhounds: Virtually nil drops makes these completely not worth it. To be fair, they have overall low defense, but then again so do ice strykewyrms.
  5. Joe Schmoe

    What Would You Do?

    Like others have said, I don't know. They'd have to scam/hack me first. That said, I'd probably wouldn't get too worked up over it. One, I'm only paying $5 a month for this game, so it's not worth the fuss. If this were World of Warcraft however, where you have to pay $100ish for the games and $13-15 a month on top of that, I'd be fuming. Secondly, I don't have any rares, godswords, Bandos or Armadyl armor. The most expensive item I probably have would either be my whip or my staff of light, maybe my Ahrim's and Karil's armor too (not sure how much they're worth these days), stuff that should be easy to buy again. If someone steals those, then that's all He's worth.
  6. Oh, summoning stays at 1.1 the entire time? I did not know this. Good tip. :D
  7. Definitely herblore to start with. After that, probably summoning, since I currently have enough charms to get me from 90 to 91. And after that, I'll probably just wing it.
  8. Joe Schmoe

    Why Do You Like Playing Runescape?

    I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Sorry if this is a little long-winded: Loyalty. I don't like jumping ships, especially after playing this game for six years. Plus, when World of Warcraft (and to a lesser extent, Guild Wars) first came out, a lot of Runescape players went over to WoW and suddenly stopped playing and/or started hurling abuse at Runescape. Fair weather friends. That factored in in my decision to stick with Runescape. Value for the money. So many things to do on here, all at only $5 a month, with no item malls. World of Warcraft might have more/better content (from what I hear), but you have to pay almost 3 times a much, with no free version (except the trial period) available. And it ain't like Runescape's some little Flash game. I've accomplished nowhere near everything there is to accomplish on this game. There's enough here to keep me entertained for a long time. It has "cheap/lame/crappy/[email protected]#$%^/_(insert negative adjective here)_" graphics and sounds, which means it'll work on my computer ie. I don't have to go out and buy a new computer or new components just for the sole purpose of playing a game. I have better use of my money than that. Kind of a tie-in with the previous two entries, it's cheap cost and low system requirements means very little (financial) commitment on my part, meaning I'm under less of an obligation to play it. If I sat there and tricked out my computer (or bought a brand new one, whichever was cheaper), paid upwards of $100 for the games themselves, and started paying $13-15 a month, I'd basically have to play it in order to get my money's worth. Otherwise, all that money I spent, was nothing more than a donation. With Runescape I can go days/weeks without playing with few repercussions for doing so.
  9. Looks like black demons will no longer be among my top 5 favorite slayer tasks, since those that had canceled/blocked these will probably start slaying them again, making the areas more crowded now. I shudder to think how chaotic the abyssal demon and nechryael areas will be. :D
  10. Joe Schmoe

    The Sal's Top 100 Classic Literature List

    Not sure if this is what you'd call "classic literature," (it's pretty unknown in pop culture) but Romance of the Three Kingdoms, by Luo Guanzhong. I've only read little snippets of it, but Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom would also seem like a good addition to your list as well.
  11. Joe Schmoe

    This Is Why You Should Slay

    Some more to add to your list, Elk: Can bypass some of the grinding chores, like fishing (waterfiends drop decent amounts of raw lobster and shark), woodcutting (strykewyrms drop various noted logs), and runecrafting (nearly every task Kuradel assigns drops runes of some kind) if you don't mage a lot of your tasks, to name a few. It's a very self-sustaining skill. It's considered a "respectable" skill, since there is much more involved, unlike cooking and fletching etc., where it's just click-and-sit. Meaning if you actually enjoy slayer and get it to a high level - not necessarily a 99 - you'll get much more pats on the back from others than, say, woodcutting. If you slay with all 3 combat styles and keep the non-slayer combat to a minimum, you can achieve 99 slayer and hitpoints before any of the other three combat styles, a rarity in Runescape. Hope these help :D
  12. Joe Schmoe

    What Type Of Music Do You Listen To?

    I picked "other". My musical tastes range from to , damn near anything except country, most rap, and most pop music. Reggae, blues, and techno aren't very high on that list either
  13. Joe Schmoe

    First Slayer Task Ever?

    The first task of my 255 (after doing the Smoking Kills quest) or so tasks I believe was the hill giants in Edgeville dungeon. A nice trip down Memory Lane....
  14. Not bringing any food with me when I go slay iron dragons at Ghorrock Fortress, since I seldom if ever encounter any revenants.....until recently. I pull the Ardougne wilderness lever, next thing you know I get swarmed by 3-4 of them right by the entrance. By the time I get to the fortress, I "only" have 200ish HP left. Oops. I bring 4-5 sharks with me now.
  15. Joe Schmoe

    Best Slayer Monster

    Like tws71, my favorite is ice strykewyrms as well.

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