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  1. bye internet. it's been real. peace and love to all my bffls. <3

    1. King Mic

      King Mic

      Wait what happened?? Why?? :(

  2. Arrogance

    How to make infinite money

    When someone makes the claim that something like cooking meat is "manipulating the grand exchange" and makes "infinite money," we are inclined to believe that they are either trolling or completely clueless about the game. In either case, they should not be creating guides. you're welcome to do whatever you want on the internet, like comment on other people's ineptitude. therefore he's allowed to create whatever guides he wants.
  3. Arrogance

    Came back for the EOC...

    sup dood. dis place dabombdotcom
  4. Arrogance

    How to make infinite money

    guys, be respectful. the guy is offering advice for lower level players. i don't understand why everyone's being so rude to you. i apologize. we're usually not an arrogant bunch. as for the method, it works but it's painstakingly slow. :P there's more effective methods that are simple too - buy rune on grand exchange and alch it. 100 rune longswords can make a profit of 70k in 200 clicks. :P
  5. Arrogance


    no its kewl jagex helpd me. lol ANYWAY, hey everybody!!! I missed you all, but I'm not officially coming back or anything. I'll drop by occasionally but I'm in college so it's very difficult to have a ton of time.
  6. Arrogance


    so my account got hacked... lawl. :|
  7. Arrogance


    troo dat. omg hay ownr! Haha, naw... This is just cause I'm bored these two weeks. :P OMG HAI HOW R U AND I LUV UR AVATAR
  8. Arrogance


    no im not back just playing a little runeskep and i was lonely so i needed some frens.
  9. Arrogance


    hay guise, i'm sorta back on runeskep, and i would like some frens. so if i know u and u no me, den add me in runeskep so we can hang out and do hoodrat thangs. thx!
  10. Arrogance


    got banned/suspended by request once. got banned on purpose another time. and i'm not returning. just saying hi. why do you discuss my private warn info? ye i'm the exsig guy hay and zooey noooooooo
  11. Arrogance

    My Signature

    the lighting is awkward. i know what you were going for, but it turned out iffy. if you did the text yourself, i'm very impressed. :D
  12. Arrogance


    As opposed to other threads in which a member of prolonged absence drops by to say hi? that makes me :(
  13. Arrogance


    how you doin' sals

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