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  1. Light

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The Offspring - Americana.
  2. Light


    No idea what the situation is here, but I guess he is your friend? Why would you report your friend just because he said something that probably isn't true. Even if he is using a bot then it is his choice and you don't need to go around being an e-hero reporting everyone...
  3. Light

    96 Herblore Help

    Thanks for the calculator. Seems that the best option would be a Super Strength/defence potions + Extremes when I get the the required level since they are relatively cheap and I will be using them to make Overloads anyway. Any other opinions?
  4. Light

    96 Herblore Help

    Hi, I'm looking to get 96 Herblore after I have finished with 95 prayer. I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with what potions I should be making. I have about 200m but would rather not spend all of it, however I don't want to make something like Serum 207 because it is too slow. My current Herblore level is 64. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Light

    When Answering A Question?

    If I'm asking a question I would usually prefer any reasonable answer with reasoning. For example. If I asked what is the best way to get 99 Herblore then a good answer (in my opinion) would be something along the lines of "You should make this potion because of this reason). Overall it depends on the question, just try to answer questions to the best of your ability, if you have no idea then just leave it, there is no point responding with false information.
  6. Light

    Buyable (but Useful) 99s

    A few people mentioned summoning. Is this buyable now, if so how?
  7. Light

    Buyable (but Useful) 99s

    How much would I be looking at spending for these skills?
  8. Hi, just starting to come back to RuneScape and I am wondering what some buyable and somewhat useful/respectable 99s are and what the costs are to do them efficiently. Any help is appreciated, Thanks. Also on an unrelated note, I recovered my account and I was wearing full initiate at rock lobsters. Confusing o.0
  9. Light


    I was talking about the well known people like NightmareRH who do have a partnership and get cash for every view. Also RWT isn't just money for ingame gold. it can be ingame gold for ANY service out of the game, so wouldn't that be connected. Sure, it would be completely against the rules. But Jagex can't really ban them (or won't) without proof. It's actually completely legal, seeing as Jagex is a company and its players who play are a community, our rules are non-legal rules because they don't affect anyone but the community. Since Free Trade was brought back in, players are allowed to trade any item/s that they want to another player without a limit. RWT is when one pays REAL cash for services in a virtual game (other than membership because that is connected to the company itself) from providers who are not affilated with the company that runs the game. 'Kthankyoubai, say hi to my legal brain. :D I meant against the ingame terms of service, not real world laws.
  10. Light

    Your First Ticket?

    I got a ticket on my moped for going "120" in a 60 zone. 3 months later they figured out how amazingly stupid that was. considering a moped could never go 120 because they are capped at 60....
  11. Light


    I was talking about the well known people like NightmareRH who do have a partnership and get cash for every view. Also RWT isn't just money for ingame gold. it can be ingame gold for ANY service out of the game, so wouldn't that be connected.
  12. Light


    Just curious, but recently a lot of Youtube PKers/Runescape celebrities have been giving away cash/items ingame, but technically shouldn't that be against the rules? because the views and likes they get earns them real money so they are technically trading items for real cash? Is jagex planning on doing anything to stop this?
  13. The Jmod also said it is a case by case basis. If you say "hey get your stuff out of your bank and follow me into the wilderness for free stuff" then that would most likely be against the rules. If your doing the fake drop party/showing large cash then dropping some in wildy" then you did not lure them, they decided to grab the item so it is not against the rules. There are a lot of things not in the rules EXACTLY but they are against the rules. If they had to list every single occasion/thing then the rules would be 500 pages long. The rules say you cannot trick someone into losing their items (like telling them to come to wildy for free stuff and killing them), but you can show them money and drop some money in wilderness and hope they go pick it up.

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