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  1. coca1cola

    This Site R00ls

    this is the only forum site that makes sense and its the best, also its a great community, fun and very interactive. and its got its own guide website. way cool.
  2. coca1cola

    Three New Guides (and A Poll)

    thanks for the yanille guide im going to a member soon so that will help. "I VOTED." Cooks guild? i prefer fishing guild but thats ok we can worry about it later. Hope to see new site updates coming soon! ROCK ON SAL!
  3. coca1cola

    Stash's Sig Shop!

    do you think you can make me a sig and underbanner. underbanner... Size: 350x19 Style: scan line Render: click text: GWHS Baseball Animation: fading text? -------->...colors?: red white and grey? and for the sig... Size: regular? the size of your examples Style: the kind in your example that says "Fable Join Us Today" Render: thank you text: Coca1cola on the bottom right corner in "Visitor" Font. White colored text with black outline. Animation: fading text THANK YOU! take your time no rush.
  4. coca1cola

    Runescape's First Weekly Market!

    im down. right after work. pacific time is awesome. so its kinda like a farmers market. lol
  5. coca1cola

    Pe Underbanner Shop

    can you make me one your work looks really good. Underbanner or Pip: underbanner Size: 350x19 Colors (2 Maximum): gold Text: Goonies for life Render: just the movie title Scanlines (Underbanner): yes please Shine (Underbanner): yes please im not sure what it looks like so....sure Other: ty! you used my banner in ur examples. its awesome!
  6. coca1cola

    The Funky Monkey's Pic Shop

    1000th post! thanks a lot its sick. keep it up! crap 1001
  7. coca1cola

    Official Site Poll - Please Vote!

    pretty good site but it could use some perks and updates
  8. coca1cola

    Rzk2's Royal Underbanner Shoppe

    Request Form Type of Image (Underbanner, Avatar, etc.) - underbanner Background Color - black red Text - Warriors of Zamorak Co-Leader Render (Image) - Can you get them please? zamorak symbol and zamorak coif Other - THANK YOU
  9. coca1cola

    Bandgeek Graphics!

    could you make my under banner look ike yours in your signature.
  10. coca1cola

    Movie Event

    can i be a mind wizard my mage lvl is 48 and or i can be a critic
  11. coca1cola

    Bandgeek Graphics!

    can you make me an underbanner please? -I would like a: underbanner? -Size(default=350x19): -Render: symbol and... cloak -Style: i dont know? scan lines please -Background color/render: black and red -Text: Wariors of Zamorak CLAN LEADER -Text Color: white with black outline -Text Font: visitor -Link?What?: huh? -Uploader:image shack or photobucket -Other details: noty -Any thing else to match?: noty Thanks a bunch
  12. coca1cola

    The Funky Monkey's Pic Shop

    can u hook me up with an underbanner? Underbanners Size: 350x19 ---> the size in doomcreators work examples Render: Robe top and---> Raobe bottom and----> Staff and----> symbol Style: i dont know for an underbanner. scan lines tho. like doomcreators e.g.s Text: Zamorak Mage Text Colour: white with black outline Font: Im not sure i think its visitor. the one in doomcreators e.g's Colors:black and red background. Scanlines(Yes or no): yes 3D(yes or no): no Uploader: photobucket? or imageshack? KB Size: i dont know.
  13. coca1cola

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  14. coca1cola

    360 Vs. Ps3

    well the wii is definately out of the question since its just lame. but the xbox live you have to pay extra for? is ps3 online extra pay?
  15. i have similar strategy i already have high fishing lvls so i fish lobbies all day then take boat to draynor bank. then repeat cuz then when i hve like 1k lobbies i sell for 250-300. the store is cheap. but the guide is alright but u should note you can only do this once your fishing lvl high enough to fish swordfish...which is the point of the guide....redundant?

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