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    eating noobs!.. oh erm cooking them 1st.<br /><br />i like chaos!!!!

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    blood vipers
  1. ide say if the rs combat wasnt so basic then pking might be fun, i hate it and like skilling more, pking=boring and expensive skilling=not so boring and makes money
  2. pizzahut3000

    Dragon Platebody Version 1 Look...

    Hey i think the spike being slightly offset looks quite good. Ive always thought the dragon plate would be made of lots of bigchunks of red metal overlapped with some sort of un-symetrical arm decoration with lots of spikes.
  3. pizzahut3000

    One Person On Runescape

    yea sum1 in 120.. this happened just after this, http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Qxrcglmc9qk there are currently one people playing? such bad grammar im going to tell my mum off you jagex
  4. pizzahut3000


    i dont know what other people think but getting the sun in-line on a sextant is very annoying sometimes. when im getting it inline with the horizon it looks more like its half way up in the sky when it works. i wish they would have a basic: sky and ground p.s. i have been killed in the wilderness twice trying to do this and giving enough time for a group of pkers to kill me. who wants a plain normal horizon? i do supporters: -pizzahut3000
  5. pizzahut3000

    Trade Calculator

    i support... also you could add a small trade chatbox so you can say what you want (and tell the noob your santa is worth more than a bronze dagger and 10 feathers)
  6. pizzahut3000

    New Toys

    umm i like the idea except rings: saradomin should be glowing blue then slowly rising into the air guthix should be u stand on your head with a green glow (balance) zamorak should not be ugly.. i can tell you are a follower of saradomin. It should be you set yourself on fire and burn mhuhahah
  7. pizzahut3000

    Clan Chat Members On Mini-map?

    nice idea My clan was testing the new chat yesterday and it would have been really helpfull
  8. i support!!! but i do look on forums alot and it would be abit worrying... but jagex would easily be able to pick out autoers I wonder how many autoers that would wipe out... sooo many.. it would need alot of mods
  9. pizzahut3000

    New Bank Options

    I was at the bank when i reaised i was fed up of pressing withdraw "x" and typing in the number instead of withdraw 1, 5, 10, all, X it should be withdraw 1, 100, 1000, 10k, 100k, 1m, all, X post your thoughts... maybe im just lazy :/ Edit: ive looked at the posts and have decided that general store should have an "x" button and keep the bank how i first said supporters: -manneh -lord penguin -itch -gherkin -willywonka2 -sp0rtsrule -doomagus -storm2007 -chopper -scooby -vegas -scrim -soxking -garysbak
  10. pizzahut3000

    My Gallery

    plz rate em
  11. pizzahut3000

    Fear The Purple!

    hey this is ripped from purple dragon from yesterday idea=ripped fake=
  12. pizzahut3000

    This Camel Is Quite Rich

    well i got the party hat from "joels rare screenshots" or sumin so blame him
  13. pizzahut3000

    Next Round Of The Worst Fake Contest! Final!

    wow un-t0uch all the way not much content but the ideas are amazing!! i mean, having a duck store would be amazing and it looks so realistic!!!
  14. pizzahut3000


    ofcourse it wouldnt be this is a rather..sane? picture
  15. pizzahut3000

    This Camel Is Quite Rich

    ty for joels page of rare screeeenies rate outta 10 plz

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