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  1. My in game name was chosen because I'm a supporter of Zaros, and Azzanadra was his most powerful and loyal follower. I just changed the 'A' to a 'z'.
  2. T J


    Thanks everyone. I will start by making oak planks as I have a lot of them, then Ill probably move onto willows.
  3. T J


    I need a bit of advise as to how well planks sell on the Grand Exchange. Im going to start turning the growing amount of logs in my bank into planks, to sell on the GE. I just want to make sure that planks sell well on it. I don't want to go turning 2k oak logs into planks, then for them to not sell on the exchange. Are there any planks that don't sell on the exchange, or do all of them sell reasonably well? Cheers, Xzz
  4. Is it just my computer or has this update just disappeared? Its not on the recent updates anymore .
  5. Thats 2 att levels and a strength level lost . Unless I was automatically logged out because I was making a hot chocolate just in time, when I came back I was logged out though. Hmm.
  6. T J

    Sad Songs...

    Enrique Inglesias - do you know what it feels like
  7. T J

    Behind The Scenes - August

    Can't wait for the god dungeons, hopefully they will give us more of an insight into the history of Runescape. Maybe it will make an opening for Zaros to return(I hope so much that he does). On the official forums I remember Mod ...... saying in a thread on the future updates forum that they were working on a black and purple zaros armour, purple being his official colour. Maybe that could be one of the rewards that this new cave will offer.
  8. T J

    Limewire Or Frostwire?

    I was using limewire, but i think i'll be getting frostwire later, it looks better
  9. OK, i will get my mining and smithing higher before doing this, then i will make my own stuff and just buy the nature runes.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Would I make a profit if i mined and smithed the matierials, but bought the nature runes?
  11. Xzzanadra Character Bio Where did you get the name Xzzanadra from? I am a follower of Zaros, and await his return to overthrow the cowardly Zamarock. My name is an adaption of Azzanadra, one of the two living mahjarrat known not to betray Zaros. Azzanadra was the first to use the famous Ancient Magiks, this suits my character as well, as currently the only 'combat' skill I train is Magic. If you are a 'skill pure', why do you train mage as this has raised your combat level? Firstly for teleporting, it gets boting having to travel places therefore I have raised my magic level to 45, keeping my hitpoints at level 10. This has been done by using curses and teleport spells. Another reason was so that people stopped calling me an autoer. I still get called a noob as my combat level is only 24. Have You ever dealt damage on this account? Yes, a 1 on Tutorial Island. I have also killed a noob who was annoying me when I was training by the edge of the wilderness. He continued to ask me for a fight, but was a level 32 strength pure. I agreed to fight him after a while, and 2 hit killed him by hitting a double 12. Where is your home world? You will see me in the rune essence mine located in Varrock, or crafting airs near to falador. World 106. Can I add you to my friends list? Feel free, its always good to have people to talk to. Character Pictures My current skill training outfit. I PK'ed once! Current Stats (Click To Enlarge) Bank Pic as of 15 July 2007 Stats as of 15 July 2007 Combat Level Quest Points 5 Most recent Levels 33 Mining - 15 July 2007 34 Mining - 15 July 2007 Current Goals 44 Runecrafting 50 Mining 50 Fishing 50 Cooking 60 Woodcutting 500k GP Members Magic Runecrafting Crafting Mining Smithing Fishing Cooking Firemaking Woodcutting Trading Buying Nothing Selling 5k Fire Runes 1k Iron Ore I will be updating every level i get from now on. Thanks for reading and if you feel like it, give me tips or add me. Please post to keep alive!!!
  12. T J

    Dude Where's My ____________

    up your ***. Dude, wheres my laptop?
  13. Congrats with school being over. Wish I had the joy of that. I am going to have to delay the corrections that I said I would help you with for a while. Last week I had exams nearly every day I hate GCSE's, and I am behind on a lot of coursework. I will get the corrections done by the week-end hopefully, There are not many to be made anyway but I suppose they will help with good presentation. Hope you get over your writers block soon because I am enjoying this story very much. Keep going, hope to see more soon.
  14. T J

    Grim Tales

    Maybe this is the 'high level' skill quest that will keep 'high' levels happy. 71 woodcutting, the farming and herblore levels will hopefully be a challenge for a lot of people.
  15. OK, I will have a look at the first few chapters tomorrow. It will depend on how many there is to how far through it i get but I will try and search the whole story for typo's before the end of the week. If i find anything else that i think is wrong I will point it out but i will mainly look for typo's.

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