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  1. tea pls

    Sals Discord

    Apologies for bringing up a topic from the dead but the link for the discord has changed, it can now be found here: http://discord.gg/ezxezby Giving the server a new-year face lift tonight, more people are welcome, still quite a few people chatting it up. Love to see more :) Thanks
  2. Hey, thought i would take it upon myself to start a small list of people who have changed their names over the course of the name releases. I know a lot of people have, i will post the ones i know for sure but if you have changed it and/or i have missed your name, please post and include both your new name and your old name. :) I'll take this opportunity to remind people they can update their RS IGN on Sal's forums by simply clicking on the arrow beside your username at the top right of this screen and selecting "My Settings". Alternatively, follow this link and scroll down: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=usercp Key: Old IGN New IGN Staff Name Changes Wartoc -- Big Lebowski Bwauder -- OfcGFUrself -- Warden Name Changes Eternaly Lit -- Gorajo -- Member Name Changes xSmiley 420 -- a Smileyface HawkerHunter -- Aquilae Iamyouronly -- toreos CalMeWelshie -- Welshie o2 MachoMango -- MangoMan Real higga -- Momma nature PlayTilIDie -- Nxy HippyTree -- HippyTheGrim Kamaswami -- alt-J Tigerwing -- Tyger Renegaderp -- The Renegade Kemosabe -- Orys -- Please post and i will update the list periodically. :)
  3. tea pls

    omg its been ten years

    Congrats :P Today is my 9 years ^^
  4. 9 years lol

    1. Dei Wei

      Dei Wei

      Look at you old man.

  5. tea pls

    Thus far, it has been nothing but short of magical

  6. tea pls

    Supersal69 at Runefest 2015

    Nice shots! Maybe one year i can afford to attend. Pictures are nice though! Looks like you had fun :)
  7. tea pls

    Bonus XP weekend skill competition

    Yes please :) RSN: iamacupoftea
  8. tea pls


    See you in the max guild! Congrats :D
  9. That is right! If you have not heard by now, i have achieved the rank of the completionist! After many hours of livid farming, skilling, questing, trekking, and everything in between, i now have a shiny new cape.... wow really... all that for a cape.... Nah it's a pretty cool cape. I encourage you to get one of your own :) Annoying parts can include: All of livid farm, some music tracks (dead minigames mostly) and the reaper title (if you are not a bosser). Special thanks go out to anyone and everyone i chatted to, Fuzzy Fable from ES for Nex tanking and ROTS, Angel Hayley & co. for Vorago lessons, Supersal69 for morale support and to all of those who came to the cape! Thank you! :D Special thanks to the sal's CC too, lots of helpful people :) <3
  10. Already working on it :)
  11. tea pls

    Euro Coin row

    I read online about France telling them to not make a 2 euro coin signifying a french defeat, so they put it on a 2.50 piece instead hahahaha i hope all of Belgium has as great of humour as the guy who designed that coin hahaha
  12. tea pls

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Thanks :D actually no, I dump all my scales into GE without much thought. Should give that a look-at, I think it profits for some items. Your best profit would be selling them raw, as scales, before a dxp event or something :P That is when i hold my slayer tab until :P
  13. tea pls

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    LOLOLOLOL 5 shrimpys SHRIMPY ARMY!!!!!!!! Hahahahah that is so funny!
    1. Guitarguy
    2. tea pls

      tea pls

      I know right! Who would have thought such a simple troll could be taken in to that context!

    3. reepicheep


      Truly disgusting!

  14. Texas BBQ sauce?! But you are all the way in England!
  15. tea pls

    Sal's Vorago V3

    I had unexpected guests last night... Apologies
  16. tea pls

    Sal's Vorago V3

    Wednesday DPS is perfect for me.
  17. tea pls

    And now for another mastered skill

    Congratulations! I thought you already had this hahahah
  18. Stay safe kids and remember:

    1. Nitua


      Would you like some tea?

    2. tea pls

      tea pls

      No, but please pour it down my throat when i'm sleeping.

  19. tea pls

    Improved Looting

    "improved" is strong.... i'd say.... "different" lol.
  20. tea pls

    Excessive SGS cosmetics

    drake in yo face
  21. tea pls

    Spring Cleaner poll

    The price is getting ridiculous, it's barely worth it to be using the damn thing now for anything but rune drops, i'm going to use up the rest of my springs and if the price don't come down i'll probably go back to collecting or alching most of my drops. Collecting is mad exp waste but need the funds for the gains :| The upgrade is a pos anyways, alching arrows is a giant waste of springs even rune arrows, and now with spring prices going off the walls, doesn't look good for this "Powerful item only a few in the game are allowed to have" (quote jmod on spring cleaner fairness) "They are too strong an item for everyone to have"
  22. tea pls

    Knockout aura

    I rarely find accuracy and issue at araxxor, idk about some other bosses, maybe it would be helpful if you were brewing non-stop but i'll stick to vamp or runic/sharpshoot. I could see this aura being great for rots though
  23. tea pls

    Thanks Har-Aken :)

    Might just keep my counter at 1 unless i decide to go for final boss... kinda nice having a troll pet [email protected]@@OLLLLLll;l;;;;

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