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  1. 9/10. It's a brilliant signature, although nothing is perfect. :) -gazisere -.- hell no thats awesome
  2. moment


    tri who?
  3. moment

    I Really Need To Know...

    The only thing that comes to mind is wtf?
  4. Self explanatory, yes/no answers. Happy backstabbing!
  5. moment

    Favorite Music Genre

    I like melodic metalcore, anyone can scream into a mic but melodic metalcore is truly a work of art.
  6. block list? WTF dude? <_<... ... :lol:... <_<... ...
  7. moment

    Does Anyone Else Hate Daylight Saving Time?

    +1 to both of you
  8. moment

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    i miss jeff hardy
  9. she was a misunderstood nice doggy! rest in peace
  10. moment

    Who Do You Miss?

  11. ...my toronto maple leafs are making me suicidal
  12. moment

    My New Member Title

    "...Learn to follow the wolves..." good song
  13. moment

    Leaving Messages

    its already invented, its called email seems unnecessary
  14. obama? nobel peace prize? *the world gasps a cumulative wtf* friggin left wing norwegians have made a mockery of this award
  15. should i change? ive had it for over a year
  16. moment

    Biggest Liar On Sal's

    i thought this was going to be a flame topic
  17. moment

    I Am New Here

    only post in scape lounge and off topic

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