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    Hey thanks, that is really awesome! Do you think you can touch up on the wording though? And could you possibly remove the "est. 13" in the loop? Thank you :)
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    Can someone turn that into a digital design? That would be awesome if you could!
  3. Hey guys. I'm trying to mine for xp so if you want some FREE iron, please add me on 2007. I am going to be mining at the East Ardougne mine, and when I have a full inventory I will trade you the 28 ores and you can keep them! Add me online: Lais De Leon
  4. Hey guys. I'm trying to mine for xp so if you want some FREE iron, please add me on 2007. I am going to be mining at the East Ardougne mine, and when I have a full inventory I will trade you the 28 ores and you can keep them! Add me online: Lais De Leon
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    Unity The old, rugged man stared out at the vast seas ahead. Anais heard a subtle drop in the water from across the deck. The hot, summer sun beat across his head; sweat rolling down the side of his face. As the years went on, Anais was unable to keep track of his age. His most logical guess was that he was too old to still be fishing, anyway. His three sons lived with him under the deck, little boys at heart, and would be unable to maintain the ship by themselves. Despite the God Wars raging about all around him, Anais kept to himself. During his long days at sea, his keen eyes were able to spot many naval fleets traveling through the rugged waters of Rellekka. Only a few miles south, the outnumbered yet impressive navy of Armadyl held their own at the island of Miscellania. To the north and from the west, many of Bandos’ naval fleets of goblins and other monstrosities closed in on Armadyl’s navy. One chilly summer day, as the waters ravaged around them, Anais and his sons sailed south to a widely favored fishing area. As they closed in on the land that awaited their arrival, they noticed relatively camouflaged humans scurrying along the shore. Inching closer and closer, Anais was able to hear whispers among the people. Puzzled, he docked his majestic wooden vessel on the barren, black shore and walked off the gangplank with his children following closely behind. A scout stood up and yelled, “Who are you, where do you come from?” “I am Anais,” he began, “and these are my sons. We bring no harm, nor foul. We are fisherman of Rellekka, nothing more, nothing less.” “Very well, carry on,” the scout replied in a disgusted tone. As the long days of war carried on, the once widely acclaimed fishing spot became an area of ravaging battles and destruction. The once clear, blue water surrounding the peninsula turned into a musky concoction of ash and earth. Every waking morning the ship’s deck had to be neatly swept to rid the wooden surface of fallen debris from the cliffs towering above. The once blue sky that was complimented by the clear water below had become a giant dust cloud in the wake of the war. One eerie morning, Anais rose from the cabin to the deck. He squinted and blinked rapidly to help focus his eyes. He was able to see large objects out in the distance, but was unable to make them out. As his eyes finally decided to cooperate, he noticed that these were just no objects, but the fleet of Armadyl. Closer and closer they came to a defenseless Anais, so many questions racing through his worn mind. Trying to mask his worries, he took a seat on the deck and started meditating, “Keep calm.” He rid his mind of any corrupt thoughts and reassured himself no danger was forthcoming. He could hear the rough waves splashing against the beautiful vessels, which slowly but surely approached Anais. He began sweating and panting in anxiety, hoping that the onslaught of soldiers wouldn’t harm him. They moved closer every second, coming from every direction. There was no escape. He couldn’t run, for his fragile joints would cause tremendous agony. One minute passed by, and then another, drops of sweat sneaking down his bright red face. Another minute passed by, and the ships were just that much closer. One by one, the slow-moving minutes snailed along, leaving Anais uneasy. “Who are you?” He unwillingly shouted out to the ships. His nerves completely took over his old mind, performing involuntary and stupid actions. He stumbled around the deck and bellowed, “Who are you?” His shouts were amplified by the surrounding cliffs, causing a large echo and a reinforcement of his question. As the Captain’s ship was finally in the reach of Anais’ ship’s gangplank, his nerves went wild. “What are you going to do me,” he cried as his sweat created a puddle beneath him, “I am innocent!” His weeping echoed throughout the vast sea, followed by silence. Anais heard a loud stomp on a plank of wood. The rhythmic sound of a man's boots smacking against the wood was intimidating to Anais, as he removed his head from soaked hands and beheld the image. “Armadyl, Armadyl!” he proclaimed. “Armadyl!” he shouted, running over to the demigod. “Oh gosh, oh gosh, it is Armadyl himself!” he said as he bowed and kissed Armadyl’s shiny, polished boots. There was no response from Armadyl and his large guards that stood behind him in an orderly formation. Anais raised his head and stared at the winged beast that possessed pale blue eyes and silver skin. Armadyl looked down, “Anais, I need you. Serve in my army, and in return, I will provide you with a new ship and a private sea, reaping with fish and other materials. All I ask is that you serve by my side for one day in an invasion against Bandos.” “Why me, lord, why me? I am not worthy to fight behind such a being!” Anais questioned. “Well, you see,” Armadyl started, “our head count is suffering. I need anyone. Fight by my side, Anais.” “Anything for you, milord.” Armadyl quickly briefed Anais on the mission and then departed. Anais ran into the cabin and explained the news to his three sons. “Where will the invasion be, father?” Norid asked. “The Pirate’s Cove,” he calmly replied to his youngest son, “it is not far from here, actually. Visit me when the invasion is over, that will be our new home anyway.” Anais told his boys to go and fish for two days while he was gone. The boys obeyed, and moved out a few hundred yards from the dock. They cast their lines while Anais lay in bed, dreaming of his new home and the opportunities that came with it. As the next few hours passed on, Anais remained restless. In only a few short hours he transformed from nearly frightened to the brink of death to the point of extreme happiness and excitement. Wondering what the time of day was, he scurried his way to the deck. The sky was illuminated by the bright moon, assuring Anais that it was nighttime. In the distance he saw a large creation, gleaming and glistening with the stars. The large creation, which had the crest of Armadyl plastered on sides, reached the dock and Anais boarded. He was kindly greeted by Armadyl and was then escorted to a private room. Only minutes later, just after the departing of Armadyl’s ship, did General Wartzog of the Army of Bandos jump down from the top of a monstrous cliff and land on the deck of the ship. The only son still out on the deck was Norid. The goblin-looking creature scanned around the deck to make sure no-one was watching. After assuring himself he was clear, he ran up to Norid and held his mouth, a ruby-tipped dagger held right at Norid’s throat. “Listen,” the General aggressively started in a scratchy voice, “I don’t want to hurt you, but if I must, I will. Fight for Bandos with me, or you’ll be dead, right now, with your corpse marinating in a pool of your own blood. Understand?” Norid nodded without hesitation. The goblin teleported himself and Norid to the top of the cliff, and then brought him to a mysterious, large portal. “Walk in, it will take you to the Pirate’s Cove,” General Wartzog whispered. Norid’s eyes lit up, understanding that if he went to Pirate’s Cove, his father would be there, fighting, the next morning. He paused. General Wartzog turned around and scratched Norid’s soft face with his extremely long fingernails, leaving a large scratch on Norid’s already red cheeks. Norid made no movements, but was forced along by General Wartzog. Early the next morning, Anais was given his equipment for the assault by Armadyl. “Take this here, it is an onyx-coated steel longsword. Take this dagger, encrusted with your name. This will wage well in very close situations,” Armadyl explained to Anais. Anais nodded his head in acceptance, excited for not the battle that lies ahead, but the great fortune that will come after. Meanwhile, Norid was confronted by a horde of goblins in his cramped sleeping space. “Hi, Norid, we have a weapon for you,” General Wartzog said as he presented a dagger,” it is a ruby-tipped dagger, the one I used against you. Take it.” Norid accepted, and rushed back to his mattress to catch some rest. He was almost as scared for the coming morning as his father was when Armadyl’s fleet approached him . The invasion begun next morning. Armadyl’s fleet attacked from all sides, forming a siege on Pirate’s Cove. The warriors standing on the docks looked across the ocean water to see the large walls of the small island become nothing but a pile of rubble. The ship that Anais was boarded on would invade the shores from the south side, the most vulnerable, least tactical area of the island. As Anais glanced around the walls, a glimmer caught his eye as he gazed at an outpost. He noticed a face, one that was familiar, but he was unable to fathom whose face it was. His mind was quickly sidetracked, though, by a large fireball that landed right beside the outpost. The outpost became wobbly and unstable from the large impact, and the man inside scurried down the ladder. “Anais, get ready,” Commander Aviansie demanded. “Yes sir,” he complied. As the walls disintegrated into a pile of ash, the warriors rushed out of the ship. Anais, unable to run, gingerly made his way to land, hiding behind the young group of warriors in front of him. He felt a soft drop on his forehead and softly rubbed it. He brought his hand to his eyes and was terrified by the sight; a smear of blood on his index finger. Anais looked back up, and the large crowd that was once in front of him was now almost completely gone. What caught his attention was that there was only one person causing such destruction to this group of people. Only two men remained in front of Anais as he whimpered in fear. He watched anxiously as the two men struggled against only one small soldier. The small soldier moved with such rhythm, blocking every blow that came his way, then retaliating with a quick jab with a dagger. He defeated another warrior with such ease, and then moved on to the next one, a giant. The small soldier was towered upon by the large, seven foot warrior that stood in front of him. The giant pulled out a warhammer and grinned conceitedly. The small soldier’s eyes seemed to pop out of the metal cage that protected his face. His eyes rose up, following the movement of the giant’s warhammer. With a quick flick of his shoulder, the warhammer came crashing down. Smash! The shifty soldier dodged the blow with such great prowess. The giant lifted his hammer again, this time with two hands. Analyzing the situation, the small soldier darted around his foe and lunged at the giant’s back from behind. Blood oozed out of the puncture wound, and the giant fell forward on his chest. Quivering with pain, he turned onto his back and stared up at the soldier. He muttered to himself, and rose to his feet. As he reached across his body for his warhammer, the tiny soldier ran two paces and leapt into the air at the giant’s arm. He kicked the warhammer out of the giant’s hand and the momentum of the large leap knocked the giant right back down. The soldier mounted the giant with ease, and the soldier took his dagger from his pocket. He jabbed at the giant’s heart, leaving behind a gaping wound. He turned around, and caught his father's eye. “Father? Father, is that you?” the soldier said to Anais, recognizing the voice of his youngest son. “Norid! Norid!” Anais shouted, running toward his son with newfound power and strength. He leapt into the embrace of Norid’s arms. As both men wept, they fell to the ground. “Father,” Norid began, “I didn’t think I would ever see you again. Why must you go out to battle like this?” “Well, Norid, I could ask you the same thing,” Anais freshly replied. They embraced each other, forgetting about the battle raging around them. Hours passed as the two just held each other in their arms, renewing their bond with each other in ways they never thought they would have. They were left unbothered for the most of the invasion, except for the conclusion. General Wartzog, the only survivor of the invasion for the Army of Bandos, trekked over to the father and son. He had a large gash across his forehead. “Before I die, I’m taking people with me,” he shouted, as he raised a long sword from his hand. He lunged at the two men, the sword making a whistle as it zipped through the air. The sword moved closer and closer to Norid as each millisecond passed. The horror was expressed on both men’s faces as the sword was guided towards Norid’s back. The sword hit, and Norid let out a scream. The sharp tip of the sword guided it through Norid’s ribcage, and into Anais. The sword punctured the heart of Anais. Both the son and the father's bodies lay cold and still next to each other, their arms wrapped snugly around each other, a bond deemed unbreakable. Unity.
  6. z0mg h4xz0rz him pl0x

    A Great Lament

    Would you mind if I read this to my class as a short story project? ~z0mg :D
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    Return From Hiatus. Level 3.

    thanks a lot, man! ~z0mg :D
  8. z0mg h4xz0rz him pl0x

    Return From Hiatus. Level 3.

    So, I've returned from a two year hiatus from runescape, and my have things changed. I still have a main account, but want to start off fresh in F2P. Any tips to get started and make some money and level up?
  9. z0mg h4xz0rz him pl0x

    Flesh Crawler Hunting Guide

  10. z0mg h4xz0rz him pl0x


    What's so good about it? And what parts should I get if I want to train Ranged?
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    Actually, sorry to say this but I'm going to have to close this due to some irl problems.
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    That would be an overload.
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    my order my order Your order comes out to a total of 3,965,000. Would that be Raw or Cooked? I'm assuming raw, but you may have typo'd.
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    Ok I'm taking orders now, I'm back from vacation.
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    I said I'm on vacation ATM, I'll be back on Monday.

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