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  1. Slaughter17


    Tempest Mission Statement Tempest caters towards those that are mature and non-toxic. Those who are interested in a simple & streamlined clan structure; a clan that prioritizes having fun without the mundane in-game commitment that clans have historically required. We aim to make all our events fun -- memorable activities that can be attended during leisure time. While we pride ourselves on executing strong in-game performances, we also provide excellent training to integrate people into Tempest, even if your past clanning experience is minimal. Tempest strives to create a strong and welcoming community that can be engaged at all hours of the day, both in and out of the game on teamspeak, discord, and the most active forums in Runescape. We strongly advocate that an active and healthy community is the backbone to long-term success and overall enjoyment of the game. --- Information Our primary focus in-game is both F2P Wilderness / CWA / PVP as well as P2P trips to supplement our PvP activity. We host a variety of PVM & skilling competitions against other communities and internally. Additionally, we have a large group always willing to boss or help guide your account progress with innovative methods. Our community is OldSchool Runescape based. Even so, many of our members play a variety of games making Tempest a source of well-rounded entertainment. --- Leadership @Leader - True 2k8 ≈Officer - Venenatis | David ~Wise Ass - The End | Gochance1 | Brian/Ghjjf | Slaughter17/Vanuckle Captain - Tika191 Privileged - Wee Man | Ashley --- Find Us Forums - https://tempest-rs.net/ Discord - https://discord.com/invite/23qY2XH Twitter - https://twitter.com/TempestOSRS/ Homeworld: 420 --- Requirements Applicant Requirements: 115+ Combat 94 Range OR Mage Desert Treasure (Annakarl & Ghorrock Teleports) Discord/Teamspeak Required Gear One Referral from Staff Member Requirements: 120+ Combat 96 Range OR Mage --- Tempest Futures Tempest Futures is a sub-branch assigned directly under the main clan Tempest. Our aim is to provide a welcoming environment for newcomers who may have less experience in the war scene, or for those who don't yet meet our main clan's combat requirements. Tempest Futures has a "hands-on" approach. If you do not meet the higher stat requirements of Tempest, you are a low-leveled vet returning to the game after a long hiatus, or you are wholly new to the scene in general, Tempest Futures is the place to start. Futures Requirements: 105+ Combat 85 Range OR Mage Discord Required Gear --- Media: Made up of a lot of Old Sal's Clanners. Come check it out guys.
  2. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest -vs- Bandits + New Power Tempest were eager for another battle to get our Labour Day weekend started right. Bandits and New Power generously offered us the opportunity to have a three round scrap in the CWA. The seamen of Tempest - battle hardened as they are - prepared for a tough fight. The face of the seamen darkened, the shadows grew long, and we set out on the battle field; swords and staves gripped tightly in our hands. --- Round One Tempest had a nice pull, as did B+NP and we met in the middle for the fight. The blasts raced across the map, arrows flew, and scimitars sliced through the armour of the opponents. Things looked good straight from the first pile and we never wavered from there. --- Round Two We pre-typed "GL R2" and met Bandits + New Power in the CWA map Plateau for R2. We had some great tanking, especially from @Wee Man. This round was close but over time, we cut out a lead and managed to eke out a slender victory in R2. --- Round Three Looking for the sweep, we focused up (as well as boomers can). Only one beer was heard to be cracked pre-challenge, so shout-out to the rest of the seamen who waited until the battle to conclude before tying one on. Another strong victory thanks to elite tanking and terrific calling -- even when @MILAD could only get one pile off before being piled (on sight). --- Thanks for the fun Bandits + New Power! Great resolve Tempest, another fun day in Teamspeak and out on Plateau.
  3. Original topic on Tempest boards: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/521-tempest-vs-zerg-unit-3-0/ ----Twitter | Forum | Discord Determined to exceed our last performance, we set out with the goal to do nothing less than win with a complete sweep. Our tanks and piles improved tenfold, and that was demonstrated today on the battlefield. We pulled 31 eager warriors ready and resolute to show that we are a force to be reckoned with, and that we'll only improve from this point on. A shout out to everyone who came and killed it today. Also, a thank you to our opponents for the competitiveness, as well as the provided action. ---- ---- ----
  4. Slaughter17

    Tempest vs Cluster [F2P]

    A link to the video!
  5. Slaughter17

    Tempest vs Latin Crew

    Those were better days, old friend.
  6. Slaughter17

    Tempest vs Latin Crew

    Original post here: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/361-tempest-vs-latin-crew-3-0/ Twitter | Forum | Discord We setup a battle against Latin Crew for a 3 round scrap, first to 25. We pulled 40 mighty Tempest warriors, and dropped to match LC. The battles were very competitive as many of us had a nice bit of rust to shake off. Nevertheless, we managed to take the win. It was very enjoyable. Thanks for the battle Latin friends, much respect! =Round 1= =Round 2= =Round 3=
  7. Slaughter17

    Tempest vs Kurimao Clan Revolution

    Tempy on my tooth. GF KCR!
  8. Haven't posted seriously in about a decade but hope everyone is doing well and see you around if you stop by.
  9. Slaughter17

    Your runescape clan stories

    Miss a lot of my time here. I grew up with the small clans and I truly thrived on the rivalries and experiences gained from small clans, mini wars, and all that it incurred. Moved from leader of Blaze (sorry for crashing you! I actually have no recollection of that) to head warlord of FT, to Head Warlord of EH, the #1 clan for a short period of time. It is definitely a shame there is almost no one left here but I guess that's just how life goes. People move on (or got banned, like me, for 3+ years).
  10. Slaughter17

    Best clan names of all time

    I loved Valor, especially because they wore blue capes and their leaders username was "Blue Wall" (Winnnor was another leader, another cool username).
  11. That's not true - but Sal's CD died off years ago.
  12. Slaughter17

    True Supremacy Versus Bloodshed Kingdom

    Err we asked you for a fight... You can't complain about a boring night and about being declined when a smaller clan asked you for a full our war or PKRI. Congratulations on your victory though.
  13. Slaughter17

    Tension Vs Vvv

    They have more 115s than we have members, in theory they could have pulled 123+ to this fight. Double the memberlist plays just as large of a factor in this as it would in a non-capped fight. They were basically 118+ with a few 110s, at first glance those levels destroy our 4 120's and rest 115- combat's.
  14. hey Rr was the first bigger clan to come here...like 6-8 months ago so ha. We first tbh. Actually Exer was. Quite frankly I can't help but feel that larger clans coming to Sals will ruin the 'small clan atmosphere', where smaller clans can compete without being hunted/in fear of larger clans. About 8 months ago, the rankings looked like this: GK Blaze TR FT Etc, all clans the same size and a real fight for #1. Now its: Cor Exer RR FT MoD VVV DoV Etc, IMO there is a huge gap in between ever rank. No clan can compete with the clan above, its really sad actually. There was a point in time when Sals was actually fun and you didn't need to worry about larger clans coming here, using it as a second hand flame forum, and taking over the rankings.
  15. Slaughter17

    Tension Vs Vvv

    After hours of Summoning we got bored and decided to look for some Mini-wars. We originally were supposed to PKRI 3x, but when I accepted they quit chat and asked LoH who has a considerably smaller memberlist than us; I don't know what's up because I know you saw that I had accepted, perhaps this weekend like we've been talking about :D. Anyways, 3v accepted after about 10 minutes of searching, and although they double our memberlist and have a higher combat average, we knew we had a chance so long as we used our tanking skills and ballin' tactics. As expected, when we got to Clan-Wars at the set time, 3v's levels pretty much destroyed ours and we weren't too sure how this war would turn out. 118 Combat Average. 116 Combat Average. We started off the fight piling L E M O N, who has high Att & Str, but low Def. This worked well as s/he died considerably quicker than Inferno, leaving us up one person. This basically gave us an advantage the entire war, as we were always up one person. It continued on this way for a very long time, with people like Pker Eric sniping very well and certain Tension members tanking nicely. We were always up one person and finally it came down to a 4 v 3, we killed Red Fat, making it a 4 v 2, and we then kill Oreano, making it 4 v 1, and we finished off Kyak, giving us the 4 - 0 win. I am very proud of Tension for winning with 4/11 when we were outleveled by over two combats, we did well and every member should be proud. Good fight Veni Vedi Vici. Keep it clean :).

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