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  1. maybe their releasing the graphical rework?
  2. mageattack54

    Eventual - The Clan You Want To Join!

    hey im lvl 88 73att 71str 70def 72hp 62range 67mage i want to join the clan it seems sweet
  3. mageattack54

    Screen Shots

    thanks i was pushing ctrl+print screen cuz thats what i had to do now just push print screen
  4. mageattack54

    Security Question

    im not too sure about it but apparently someone can steal your account if your not at the computer the whole time your logged in. but they can steal it anyway if they want to and have the knowledge of how to pull it off. im not sure why they tell you this because its kinda common knowledge that people can steal your account.
  5. mageattack54

    Screen Shots

    ok, heres my problem i used to be able to take screen shots but then my computer crashed and i got a different one and on this computer i cant do it the same way and havent been able to figure out how to take them if some one could help me i would gr8ly appreciate it thanks!!!
  6. mageattack54


  7. mageattack54

    Accelerated Reader?

    mine does but im going to high school so im not sure about the high school having it and my book level was 12.9 so yea i failed that class cuz i cant read those books
  8. mageattack54

    Where Do I Get Those?

    thanks rabbit
  9. mageattack54

    Where Do I Get Those?

    Ok,so i started this thread to find out where i get those cool things that say stuff like ranger for life smither for life etc. so please tell me where to find them at
  10. mageattack54

    The Knigt's Sword

    Start: Talk to the Squire in the Falador White Knight Castle. Skills: You need at least 10 Mining, and the ability to defend against level 57 Ice Warriors and level 53 Ice Giants. Quests: None! What You Need: A Redberry Pie, Portrait of Sir Vyvin's sword, a Blurite Ore and 2 Iron bars. Start of by going to falador venture your way to the white knights castel.
  11. ffs-for f***ing sure not for fricks sake or maybe both but i mean it as my definition above Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts. It involves many things, but above all, the power of going out of one's self, and appreciating whatever is noble and loving in another. — Thomas Hughes
  12. mageattack54

    Treasure Trail Locator

    I for one think that sals should have a coordinate locator so that i could use sals for all my needs :=]

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