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  1. firebomb148

    Am I Gud Yet?

    Took about 2 hours from 85
  2. firebomb148

    Am I Gud Yet?

    Thanks :D and we'll see.... if I decide to stay, I probably wouldnt be the most active thing :P
  3. firebomb148

    Am I Gud Yet?

    I quit, and I'm on holidays now so I decided to play rs
  4. firebomb148

    Am I Gud Yet?

    Long time
  5. firebomb148

    The Sals Wildy Poll

    I voted yes because thats the runescape I liked
  6. firebomb148

    Coming Back

    awmagawd, I think im coming back too lol
  7. firebomb148

    Beat This?

    I'm sure I got like 60 days of just runecrafting and jad alone
  8. firebomb148

    Official Wow Thread

    Saurfang was a pretty big pain in the behind when the buff was 5%, but once you got more gear the buff was like 15% it was a joke,heck even lady deathwhisper had her moments, mostly when ghosts exploded along with the frostbolt volley of doom
  9. firebomb148

    2200 Total

    looks like your runecrafting could use alittle loving
  10. firebomb148

    Official Wow Thread

    lol nice hahaha, hit 2150 in 2s earlier on my alt rogue
  11. firebomb148

    Official Wow Thread

    I've completely stopped leveling till cataclysm. I can't get myself to go through all those crappy old zone knowing they'll be way way way better in only a few months. I know, the game looks so much better with the higher settings. Just be careful around Crystalsong, those trees on high enough detail will blind you Try playing on max settings on 1920 x1080 with 200 fps Try playing on max settings on 720p 3d
  12. firebomb148

    This Is My Glory. <3

    About time.... honestly
  13. firebomb148


    member statusssssssssssss
  14. firebomb148

    Official Wow Thread

    proff 10 hc is a joke. You have so much free dps time its almost easier than normal. k good, I'm sure it will still take a few more attempts, got a new trinket this week finally too, dbw, my dps in normal 25 prof went up like 1200 from last weeks, rng or awesome trinket or both, it was a good week :) (im at 93% passive arp too now )
  15. firebomb148

    Official Wow Thread

    Attempting sindragosa hm in 10 man tonight, wish us luck, if we down her, then we just need to down prof. to get into some lich king hm attempts, haven't made any attempts on prof. hm yet.

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