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    RS<br />Basketball<br />Baseball<br />Running<br />Soccer<br /><br /><br />----___---____--- Don't add my MSN/AIM usernames without my permission or I'll ignore you for life.----_______----___---

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  1. Rune_Rune9

    Any Salmon Here In The Military?

    Just look at my siggy down below!!(:
  2. United States Marine Corps (: September 6,2011.
  3. Rune_Rune9

    Pics Of Yourself!

    @redmonke Hair was straightened for my play to make me look "older" and more "professional". I was a harvard-bound student : D
  4. Rune_Rune9

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Random assorted pictures of me. photos go from most recent to older.
  5. Rune_Rune9

    Why Do People Smoke?

    Nice little thing to write down after like a year not posting on these forums. I smoke because it calms me down, it feels good. I'm smoking right now, and it helps ease my mind. I'm in the DEP(Delayed Entry Program) for the marines. yeah, I can run the PT exercises without any problems, smoking never really hurt my lungs. but I smoke because it's a social factor, because all my friends smoke.
  6. Rune_Rune9

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Felt like I should update you guys with a new picture. this is from my homecoming about a month ago, enjoy.
  7. Rune_Rune9

    Knight Online.

    I used to love being mage in this game. I also remember playing with yu a couple times, metalkon. ever since the big outbreak of hackers, it was completely ruined for me.
  8. Rune_Rune9

    Heck Yah!

    does your school just happen to be st charles east?
  9. Rune_Rune9

    Working Out

    crunches dont work that well on trimming stomach, only toning. the best way I found that made me lose alot of fat was a month of constant running. I'd do track workouts, because thats what i did. if you don't know what a track workout is, i'll tell you right here. run, not jog a quarter mile. after the run, to prevent cramps, grab onto a fence or something low and sweep your legs left to right and back and forth. after you get a little breather, take a 100 meter slow jog. when you hit 100 meters, run 95% of your max speed for 50 meters, jog 50, run 50. do this for 1 and a half laps of a track. after you get another breather, do about 12-14 30 meter sprints at max velocity, 3 minutes in between each other. do this 4 days a week, with a day of break in between. [ for example: monday and tuesday work. wednesday break. thursday and friday work.] if you want to be a little toned, incorporate simple ab workouts every second day of workouts. some simple workouts that work good are planks, tabletops, one-legged planks, and side planks. if you got a partner, ask him/her if you can lay down under him/her, grab his/her legs and pick up your legs doing reversed crunches but never touching the ground with your feet. you can also do windshield washers with your legs going left and right to work on your obliques. i hoped this can help you alot.
  10. Rune_Rune9

    Synchronizing In Rct

    It's like under the ride controls, where you tell when the trai ncan leave, how much to fill, etc. If I remember correctly, at least.
  11. Rune_Rune9

    Microsoft Sucks At Photoshop

    I love this epic fail. and I'm polish. haha
  12. Rune_Rune9

    What Shoes Do You Wear

    School shoes Gym/Running shoes. Track and Field spikes [ in black ]
  13. Rune_Rune9

    Usain Bolt Hacks

    Stop the video when the clock hits 9.3 bam, he won the race at 9.3 seconds, that is when he crossed the line.
  14. Rune_Rune9

    Last Days Of Freedom...

    Just got home from my first day of school an hour ago. Algebra level 2 homework already.

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