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  1. Respirte

    Is Smoking "gay"?

    Only because the women in the call are really hairy.
  2. Respirte

    Tell me more, tell me more

    Anyone else even remotely interested in turning up to the gong party?
  3. If Josh is streaming the whole event, We could have a Skype call going where ppl can hop in and out of, and the players hosting the events can come in and commentate over their events. Also, put me down for 5pm Stealing Creation please. :)
  4. Respirte

    Respirte Number One Miner in Runescape

    Let it be said that this shall never happen again so long as I wish to maintain my sanity. It was a good run, but i'm not going to endure it to 99. :P ~Resp
  5. Respirte

    Hiscores October 1st 2012

    Buying Merch back! Everyone is missing you dearly, and we hope you return soon! <3
  6. Respirte

    ... Then my Heart Leapt Again

    I think I'm in the list of the first 5k people to register on rs2006. As the rate of microtransactions added to the game increase, the chances of me taking an extended break to relive classic memories will just get greater and greater. Can't wait for the full release, and I hope it survives... +1
  7. Respirte

    How Far Can I Get? [Frost Progress Log]

    Nice log. I don't know why you went to the trouble of blocking out your skills as i've just found them all out anyway :P
  8. Respirte

    So Respirte, How's The Questing Going?

    Thanks Ambo. I'll forgive you ths time... :) And for the record, I was saving them in Powerpoint. And also, I wasn't aware that i'd editted the time of the post. Sorry about that.
  9. Very well, thanks for asking guys! I've cleared all of the masters out of the way, putting my xp reward from 'Blood Runs Deep' to good use by levelling mage to 80 to complete the requirements list for 'The Void Stares Back'. Then, it was off to work on hunter to fulfill the requirements for 'Nomad's Requiem'. But most of us know that it's not all about just simply 'having' the requirements when it comes to fighting Nomad himself! :D In short, these last two Quests are gonna put me and my 109 combat character And now for some screenies! Nice drop ...Yes, i do like screenshots If anyone could give me a recommended ranged level for Nomad or the range and combat level that you beat Nomad at, I'd appreciate it greatly! Another addition to The Respirte Diaries. The holes are being filled in as we speak! EDIT: someone's gotta help me sort out these MASSIVE images!
  10. Respirte

    First Post!

    After 6 Months of constant nagging and a few cases of begging, Ambo100 finally convinced me into making an account on Sals Realm. Here is the long awaited first post on my account! It's nothing much. Just a post for the sake of posting something before people start asking why I have made an account on Sals Realm and why i'm not doing anything on it. Just a quick update for those who wanted to know... AS IT STANDS... MY INTENTIONS... (the quests are supposed to all be filled in green but i'm in a rush and so didn't fnish drawin in the green for the quest completes :) ) My intentions are to have my quest cape at some point in the middle on January. I'll most likely get to the point of completion and then invite my clan to witness one of the most prestigeous events in rs... QUEST CAPE OWNERSHIP!! My cc is always open (respirte) and I look forward to hearing what people want to see or hear from me in the future. :) NOTICES... Congratulations to Ambo100 for convincing me to start using Sals Realm. Who knows where it will take me...

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